BRMConnect Virtual

Social Capital is EVERYTHING in a Post-Covid World


BRMConnect 2021 is in full swing, and in her presentation, “The BRM’s Role for Increasing Social Capital in a Post-COVID World,” Maureen Jesuthasan, a senior manager at West Monroe, reminds us that even—or perhaps especially—in a post-COVID world, the relationships we have with our co-workers are central to building and maintaining a thriving organization.

BRMs in Service to Others


It’s the first official day of BRMConnect 2021 and Storyteller Kip Fanta, Principal, Kip Fanta Group, puts the BRM community in the right frame of mind with his eloquent presentation, Helping Others Thrive. BRMs understand that for an organization to thrive, it should be relationship-centered but knowing how to attain that goal can be challenging.

work life balance

Can BRM work in a remote world?


As we adapt to an increasingly remote world, effective BRM is even more important.

Share Your Passion, Demonstrate Your Leadership


One of the most powerful ways to demonstrate your leadership is to share what you know with others who may be facing challenges you’ve already overcome. One such leader, Valerie Freund,CBRM®, chose to share on two subjects she feels strongly about at the 2020 BRMConnect Virtual.


Are You Doing Meaningful Work?


Now accepting Storyteller submissions! Baziel Barends, a previous BRMConnect Storyteller, talks about the impact of doing meaningful work.


Take Charge of Your Professional Growth: Expand Your BRM Knowledge in 2021


Even if your organization cuts back on training or other educational opportunities, there are many ways for you to continue to expand your Business Relationship Management (BRM) knowledge and achieve your goals for the New Year! You don’t need to have a big travel budget to continue your professional development, even in a pandemic. Here are several ways to invest in building your own skills and expanding BRM knowledge.

The Risky Business of Distributed Power


As BRMConnect Virtual 2020 ends today, Baziel Barends reminds you just how powerful you are as a BRM. “To take on this transition, the biggest risk is not taking it on at all. As BRMs and as leaders, we are at the forefront of this journey. Embrace these concepts of shared ownership, of infinite value, of Relationshipism.” -Baziel Barends

An Evolution: When Passion Becomes Your Purpose


Join Shubham and the single, global BRM community as he shares his process of discovering his true purpose by following what he is most passionate about in his career and in life: building trusted relationships.

So, Your BRM Program Has Been Established….Now What?


Day Three of BRMConnect Virtual is off to a fantastic start with people tuning in from all around the globe! Stephanie Todd and her team of Los Angeles County, developed Four Stages of BRM Role Execution that you can adopt in your role today

Do You Speak CxO?


Imagine this… You’re meeting with your organization’s leadership to share a new initiative you feel strongly about pursuing. You’ve prepared a polished presentation that highlights the value in this effort and the timeline for return-on-investment. Once you’ve finished, you feel it went really well! But… The c-suite doesn’t go for it. What’s more frustrating is you don’t even know exactly why your initiative was turned down. You’re not alone. Many BRMs have found themselves in this situation, including BRMConnect Virtual Storyteller, Darrel Popowich.

BRMConnect Virtual Day 1

How to Unite Your Team and Function within Your Organization


Day one of BRMConnect Virtual’s week-long conference is underway and individuals from many different industries, functions, and countries are tuning in for knowledge, friends, and fun! Storyteller Kip Fanta closed out today’s “European” program as he shared his BRM knowledge with honesty and conviction.

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