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You Can Attend the Exclusive Evolved CBRM® Inaugural Course in Charlotte, NC!

The Evolved CBRM Inaugural course is your invitation to lead, innovate, and create a significant impact on a global scale. This will be more than just a course; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of CBRM® training. A small, select group will have the opportunity to earn an official BRM Practitioner certification, as well as participate in the active feedback and development of this program before its final rollout. Deepen your BRM expertise, network with peers, and contribute to the evolving curriculum designed for the next generation of BRM professionals.

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What to Know Before You Go: BRMConnect 2023


The biggest conference of the year is less than a month away! Are you a veteran attendee to BRMConnect? Or maybe a newcomer to this event…either way, you might be curious about what to expect as you travel to Portland, Oregon this year. Let our team share a little about what you need to know, before you go.

The Importance of Business Resilience: How BRMs Can Build Resilience in Themselves and Their Organizations


What is most important, resilient organizations must empower their employees, build relationships, and ensure their employees’ well-being. Organizations must acknowledge the importance of and invest in their employees’ resilience. Organizations can help their employees better cope with challenges by providing resources for mental and physical health and stress management.

Welcome Marleen LaMont as The New Director of Community


Eager to be part of BRM Communities and connect with fellow BRMs from across the globe? Just drop a line to Marleen, and she’ll be thrilled to hear that you’re all set to participate in your local BRM Community.

The BRM Fundamentals: Empowering Professionals in Relationship Management


Crafted with the intention of empowering professionals, the BRM Fundamentals course offers a powerful learning experience that combines theoretical concepts with practical application. Through a series of engaging modules, participants are guided through various aspects of BRM, gaining insights and skills to foster relationships that transcend mere transactions and evolve into strategic partnerships.

The BRMP Certification: Your Next Step to Career Growth


BRMP certification is often considered the foundational and crucial first step in Business Relationship Management. The BRMP certification is the only globally recognized authority in Business Relationship Management. It offers a professional discipline that stands out by prioritizing relationship building, executive engagement, and convergence of business goals while enabling every leader to strategically drive significant organizational impact.

The 2023 World BRMConnect Agenda Revealed

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The 2023 BRMConnect Agenda Revealed! Over 35+ industry leading Storytellers, networking, knowledge offerings, incredible snacks and value packed break-out sessions….this is the conference of the year! Take a look at what is in store for attendees at the high-energy BRM event of the year.

Tell Your Unique Story with the BRM Pin Program


Keep the BRM pin tradition alive and thriving at this year’s BRMConnect conference. The BRM Pin program is a time-honored tradition in the global community and we encourage you to be a part of the camaraderie and fun! Exchanging your pins is a great way to build community, network, and start a conversation. This tradition is a gateway to forging lasting friendships and kindling professional alliances.

Global Pioneers: Inspiring Excellence Through BRM


Recognizing others with professional awards is not just about celebrating individual achievements but also about nurturing a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation. The positive impact of such recognition reverberates through organizations and industries, inspiring individuals to reach new heights.

World-Class Professional Development at BRMConnect


Join us in beautiful Portland, where esteemed Keynote speakers and Storytellers will share insights into BRM frameworks, the newest concepts and leading-edge industry knowledge. Bundling the Conference with your training and certification is ideal, and gives you the perfect opportunity and environment for you to invest in your career.

The 2023 BRM Compensation Report Survey is Now Open!


The 2023 BRM Compensation Report isn’t just about gathering data on compensation trends. We also want to hear from YOU – the BRM professionals who are on the front lines of our industry. By participating in this survey, you’ll have a direct impact on the direction of our industry and the future of the BRM community. So don’t hesitate – click the link below and join us in creating a stronger, more equitable future for all BRMs.

The Art of BRM: How to “Do” the BRM Role


BRM is much more of an art than science. Learning the science is helpful, but learning the art of performing the BRM role is invaluable.

How to Become a Business Relationship Manager


In case you missed it…the recent APMG webinar, Level Up Your Career: How to Become a Business Relationship Manager, is a 60-minute interactive Q&A session where five BRM expert panelists answered viewer-submitted questions about becoming a BRM.
The skilled panel took turns masterfully offering their expertise around BRM and what it means to thrive as a BRM in your organization. Let’s get right to it and dive into a few questions and answers from the session.

The Timeless Legacy of Greatness: BRM


Together, we can inspire future generations to live purposeful lives and make a positive difference in the world. Join the BRM community in our mission to improve ourselves, our communities, and our world by connecting relationships to results. Let’s continue to strive for greatness and work towards building a legacy that will have an everlasting impact on the world.

Organization Membership- The Heart of Community


Most people want to belong. When people have a sense of belonging within their organizations, it establishes the ability for organizations to reach top-level performance. It’s a win-win because belonging empowers people to create community—and by its very nature, belonging enables shared ownership in organizational values and connects people to their purpose.

The 2023 Global Excellence Awards Nominations are Open!


The Global Excellence Awards, or #BRMLegends awards, have a big impact on the career of a BRM. As the pinnacle of recognition within the business relationship management profession, there is no higher honor to be recognized. These awards celebrate the exceptional contributions of individuals, teams, and organizations around the world. Let’s recognize those who have gone above and beyond!

Building Bridges with BRM and Agile


By combining these methodologies, you can create a powerful toolset that delivers business value incrementally and iteratively. This approach can provide a competitive advantage for your company and add value to you as a BRM.

BRMConnect Early Bird Rate Ends Soon!


The 2023 World BRMConnect Conference Early Bird Registration ENDS soon! Why wait? Register now and save big on the most highly anticipated event of the year. With a stellar lineup of Storytellers, Keynotes, panels and coaching…attendees are in for an unparalleled experience. But that’s not all- this year’s conference will feature the special ten year community celebration at the renowned Portland, Zoo, bringing the community together for a night of festivities to commemorate this wonderful milestone.

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