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Who Will Be the 10,000th BRMP®?

That’s right, over the past ten years, almost 10,000 BRMP®s have become credentialed and are driving change in organizations around the globe—and BRM Institute is waiting to see who will become the 10,000th BRMP®.

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From Fear to Fearless

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Fear can rule the workplace. No matter the organization or industry you work for, self-induced fear has the real possibility of controlling you. It doesn’t matter if you work for the most generous, creative, collaborative, innovative, diverse, and accepting organization, if you are riddled with fear, it can quite possibly rule your choices, control your actions, and taint your creative process. Fear has a unique power. It recounts the story you tell yourself and it creates the terrorizing dialogue you use in your head. When fear becomes the narrator of your stories, catastrophizing becomes your way to justify your anxiety-riddled thought process.

The High Performing BRM

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BRM Institute, in collaboration with Barkley Consulting Group, is proud to offer The High-Performing BRM Workshop.* This is a new course for veterans and newcomers to business relationship management (BRM).Building on the competencies and concepts taught in the BRMP® and CBRM® credentialing courses, The High-Performing BRM Workshop teaches participants how to master both the science and art of BRM using a combination of classroom and experiential learning. It empowers all experience levels of business relationship managers with the knowledge needed to make a real difference in their organization and be recognized as leading contributors to its strategic growth. BRM is one of the most impactful roles in an organization. But to rise to that challenge, BRMs must first learn the skills and strategies needed to perform at the highest level to create a lasting impact within their organizations. Participants are taught the key characteristics, skills, and actions used by high-performing BRMs to develop meaningful relationships with key partners and deliver actionable results that help meet organizational goals. Whether you are new to BRM or a veteran, this workshop is for you!

Honor a Standout BRM

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The #BRMLegends awards are the BRM profession’s highest honor, in recognition of how professionals (both individually and teams) strengthen the global community and business environment. These outstanding professionals enrich the lives of others through excellence in BRM and their contributions to the community make a lasting and meaningful impact! These standout BRMs are announced at the World BRMConnect Conference each year as we celebrate all the work they’ve done to advance Business Relationship Management worldwide.

Who Will Host the 2022 World BRMConnect® Conference?

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For the first time ever, BRM Institute Presents The BRMConnect MC Challenge!
Attendees have come to know, BRM Institute’s Chief Development Officer, Marleen LaMont as the Master of Ceremonies during The World BRMConnect Conference, with her warm personality and quick wit, she’s well loved by the global BRM community.
This year and for the first time ever, BRM Institute presents the BRMConnect MC Challenge! The newcomer, Andrea Pence is challenging Marleen for the title of MC during The 2022 World BRMConnect Conference!
With her passion for people, growing relationships, and love of community- Andrea will share her BRM knowledge and expertise during a fun, lightening round session between these two contenders.
Get to know Andrea and Marleen during their interview recap, watch the lightening round of questions and find out WHO will host the 2022 World BRMConnect Conference in San Antonio this year!

Your Tribe is Here: Who Attends BRMConnect?

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Business relationship management is so powerful that it is not simply a role. It’s a role, a philosophy, and a capability! That means…it’s adaptable to anyone, anywhere, and in any role or industry. You might be wondering, “Is this the right event for me?” and the answer is simple. Relationships are everything…and BRM connects those relationships to deliverable results. Every organization in the world can benefit from the impact of better relationships. Increased collaboration, better employee retention and satisfaction, innovation, and value delivery are all direct results of improving relationships within your organization.

The Value of BRMConnect: Why Attend?

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As a BRM, you’re a lifelong learner. Hungry for growth, you’re constantly seeking out ways to advance your knowledge and improve your capability. When you’re sharpening your skills, or developing a new one, one of the most important steps you can take is to invest in yourself through advanced learning. Investing in your professional development will boost your market value and prove that you can deliver greater impact from your relationships!

BRMConnect Will Be Livestreaming!

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We invite you to join this high-energy annual conference to experience the best learning and networking event in the industry! This fun networking and learning event will help professionals take their BRM capability and role to the next level. BRMConnect 2022 will be available in-person in San Antonio, Texas, and virtually from the comfort of your home. Wherever you are around the world, you’ll come away from this experience with resources you can apply to your profession immediately!

What Gives Me the Right to Be Here? The Imposter Syndrome

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People who experience impostor syndrome often succumb to the idea that they aren’t worthy of their position. You become stuck in a vicious cycle and it’s hard to see any way out of it. What you may not know is that IS is built and nurtured within the confines of your subconscious mind. It’s created by your personal experiences, societal ethos, and the wash and repeat stories saturating your conscious and subconscious mind.

Time to Stop Taking Orders

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Today, organizations need forward thinkers, innovative individuals who will not take scripted answers and pats of pacification on the head. That forward thinker is you! It is tough to shift your role. It can be intimidating to take your future in your hands and show leadership that you are a strategic partner and not an order taker. But, within that frame of consciousness is where you can seize the opportunity to rise to the occasion. It takes finesse and confidence to enter the king’s lair and not bend a knee, but instead meet them eye-to-eye.

Organizational Blues? What to Do

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You believed in the organization’s purpose, yet the organizational culture is proving to be the opposite. You want to make a difference, except that the lack of value and partnership in leadership and employees is becoming too much. Still, you know deep down that this organization has the potential to be more than what it’s showing up to be because you’re seeing little glimpses of greatness.

The 5 Factors That Matter

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The factors of an organization matter. The ways in which an organization conducts business, treats its employees, delivers value, and keeps innovating matter. To a relationship-centered organization (RCO), these factors can establish a positive perception of purposeful results. They can also connect individuals’ needs to the organization’s purpose, thereby increasing employee engagement inside and outside the organization.

Where is my place in the world?

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Today more than ever, people are expecting organizations to keep to their word and stand by their purpose. If an organization claims to hire people with a growth mindset, help establish meaningful relationships, and build trust among its partners, the organization is expected to see it through. Meaningless words are just words without ideation, and ideation that doesn’t have follow through ends up as pointless theories taking up valuable space. Words matter, and how we use them is significant.

Now-to-New: How BRM Can Innovate Organizational Change

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As BRMs, we know that we will always be flexible and available to pivot when necessary. We also know that since our quest to harness value is never-ending, we will always be in the flux of change, and we will always have a static “now” which will evolve into “new” when changes are implemented…which is a cycle that will always continue.

The 2021 BRM Benchmarking Compensation Report is Now Available!

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The 2021 BRM Benchmarking Compensation Report is Now Available! While many of the findings have remained constant between this report and the 2019 findings, one noticeable detail is that the median base pay increased during the 2020-2021 data collection period.

The ABCs: Relationships and You

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Let’s take a look at the ABCs of a relationship-centered organization (RCO) and break them down into digestible little nuggets of knowledge. An RCO is an organization that sees the benefit and added value in purposeful relationships. It is a comprehensive system focused on relationships as the source for limitless energy, driving value, and helping an organization satisfy its purpose. It establishes value in the triple bottom line consisting of people, purpose, and planet.

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