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Why a Square Peg Never Fits Into a Round Hole

Change isn’t easy. Nobody worth their salt is going to tell you anything different. Change is uncomfortable, it’s un-nerving, and it can be downright scary. And for creatures of habit, as we are, it will throw us off our game. So, when something presents itself dressed up as change, we may find ourselves backing away until we are pressed against the wall and forced to come out swinging, or we sacrifice ourselves, because, well, change will inevitably catch up to us.

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Give Together, Grow Together


On this Giving Tuesday, help us help others. When you donate to BRM Institute, your contribution will help fund hardship memberships, operating expenses, and events that bring BRMs together from communities around the world.

BRM Starts with YOU


You want to build a global community of BRMs? You have to work from the inside out. And no, not from the inside of the BRM community out, but from the inside of who you are as a BRM to the authority you show outwardly to the world. Too often, BRMs expend a lot of energy and time on proving their worth instead of embodying their value. BRMs always have to prove they add value to everyone in their organization. The downside of that is that the focal point of the BRM becomes proving their worth instead of exhibiting their value throughout the entire organization.

Jam Sessions: The Music of Collaboration


Musicians aren’t the only ones who can benefit from jam sessions. Teams can tap into collaboration and make the most of their productivity by channeling their energy toward a shared goal during these sessions. Participants get to build on one another’s perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and BRM


Though business relationship management is a relatively new field, it comes at a time when its potential is amplified by a growing interest in human potential. In other words: as business relationship managers perfect their craft, they are poised to facilitate great improvements in employee engagement, the valuation of employees, and diversity and inclusion.

Why BRMP®?


You’re good at business relationship management, you’re seeing a lot of progress within your organization, and yet, you recognize there is space to grow your talent and expand your knowledge. Now is a good time to earn your BRMP certification and confirm to your organization’s decision makers the immense value of the BRM role. When you take the initiative in your professional development and earn the BRMP certification, it validates the commitment you have to the business relationship management discipline and to your organization.

Capacity or Ability, Which is It?


Very rarely do people take a moment to consider if a person has the capacity to do what we want them to do. Capacity is different than ability. Even if someone can do something, it doesn’t mean they have the capacity to do it. When was the last time we gave someone the benefit of the doubt? How often have we given up a relationship, a position, a friendship, or a collaboration because the person wasn’t doing what we expected of them?

10 Signs of a Daring Leader

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It doesn’t take much effort to recognize the overt qualities of a darling leader. Society tends to flock to people who exude confidence and garner credibility. We look to people who aren’t afraid to take the bull by the horns and lead us in the direction of progress. It is the strong, confident, intelligent, and compassionate leaders who rise to the surface through adversity and growth.

Change and Business Relationship Management

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Kooner says approaching change with a “relationships first” perspective allowed her to think of change management as a series of processes rather than tasks. Not only that, but the processes themselves are more humanistic. The future is about relationships.

Your BRM Superpower

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Right out of the gate, day two of BRMConnect is looking just as promising as day one! Darrel Popowich, from Online Business Systems, broke down the power behind evaluating relationships in his general session titled “Your BRM Superpower.”

Collaboration as a Strategy

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If attendees missed last year’s session, it didn’t sway them from attending this year’s session. Thankfully, she recapped Part 1 with the same vigor and passion as she seamlessly weaved Part 2 into the fabric of her charming storytelling ability.

Announcing the 2022 Global BRM Community Excellence Award Winners


We are excited to announce this year’s Global Excellence Award Winners, the most prestigious awards in the BRM community. Recipients of this year’s awards were nominated by their peers for outstanding service to the BRM community. Please join us in celebrating them at the 2022 World BRMConnect Conference

One Team, One Dream

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It’s only day one of BRMConnect in San Antonio, and we are teeming with the dynamic energy of Kip Fanta’s session, “One Team One Dream!” His session was spot on with a focus on mindsets, behaviors, and skills to help you evolve the culture of your team and the organization.

Demand Management: BRMs as Marketers

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We discovered how marketing generates great ideas and drives opportunity where value is identified and retained. We also heard about the useful tools to hone your BRM skills as you move from development to launch. It was easy to take to heart that BRMs are the greatest influence over the relationship and, therefore, are responsible for the value that the relationship creates.

The 2022 World BRMConnect Conference: Stronger Together

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Have we forgotten the power of being stronger together? I don’t think so. We just need that little nudge to be reminded that when we come together to build relationships, respect diversity, and connect with each other, we become stronger together!

The Art of Relationships

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Good results come from good relationship management; when relationships in an organization are taken for granted, or undervalued, the organization will likely find itself faltering at crucial junctures, or perhaps splintering completely. Relationship management done right anticipates and reconciles these splinters; furthermore, it nourishes an organization’s relationships into powerful currents that push it toward its purpose.

Value: Redefined

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We are a society that defines value by how much profit and gains an organization creates. Let’s call a spade a spade. For decades now, the more money a company makes, the better they look to owners, boards of directors, stockholders, and potential investors. Value isn’t defined only in the organization’s profits; value is also defined by the culture within the organization itself and how the people feel about where they work.

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