The BRM Fundamentals

The BRM Fundamentals program is a lively one-day learning experience. Designed for professionals at all levels and in any role, to offer a comprehensive understanding of the core BRM principles and practices, alongside a basic introduction to the frameworks, models and processes that guide Business Relationship Management (BRM).

During this course, participants will learn how the BRM discipline interacts with other roles (PMs, Business Analysts, HR, Finance, etc) inside an organization. A blend of heory and practice, this course is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in learning more about BRM, or how to achieve success through implementing the BRM capability within your organization.

“I recently attended the BRM Fundamentals training and I must say I gained a comprehensive understanding of the BRM framework, which includes the identification of business needs, aligning IT strategies with those needs, and fostering a collaborative relationship between the business and IT teams. This knowledge has equipped me with the tools and strategies to enhance communication and align activities with organization-wide goals.”

Mohammed Aarif Shaikh, BRM at AZAQ

BRM Fundamentals Learning Objectives

Participants can expect an interactive and lively one-day session, with a high-level introduction to successfully navigate the complexity of BRM. Topics include:

  • Defining BRM as a capability, role, and discipline
  • Understanding what a BRM does and does not do
  • Providing the language needed to change perceptions and perspectives
  • Learn how the BRM discipline interacts with other disciplines (project management, architecture, Business Analysts, Business functions, strategy, etc..) inside an organization
  • Basic introduction to the different frameworks, processes and models to bring structure and guidance to BRM
  • Understanding BRM capabilities and their corresponding value potential within organizations
  • Acquire the latest central topics surrounding BRM in a concise, comprehensive learning approach

1 Day Workshop Outline

Why BRM?

An Introduction to Business Relationship Management 

  • Capability
  • Role/Profession
  • Discipline

BRM in Action

  • Evolve Culture
  • Build Partnerships
  • Drive Value
  • Satisfy Organizational Purpose

BRM Results

  • Navigating Common Organizational Challenges
  • Entry-level interaction of BRM artifacts such as
    1. Purposeful Narrative
    2. Relationship Mapping
    3. Idea Documents
    4. Value Planning

    Wrap Up

    • Certificate of Completion
    • What is next?

      *Content is subject to change*

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