CBRM Maintenance Program

The CBRM® certification is good for three years in which practitioners are required to complete professional development goals to further develop skills in Business Relationship Management.

Find out more about the CBRM Certification maintenance requirements below.
CBRM Certification Maintenance Expectations

Consider printing as a To-Do checklist.

Time Since Obtaining CertificationExpectation 
1-30 Days /
1 Month
▢ 1. Add CBRM credentials to the following: ▢ 1. After your Email Signature (ex. John Doe, CBRM)
▢ 2. Online Campus
▢ 3. LinkedIn
▢ 4. Your Resume
▢ 5. Business Card
▢ 2. Complete the Obtaining Your Permissions: CBRM Form to grant permission to BRM Institute to contact you regarding the following: ▢ 1. CBRM Maintenance Program
▢ 2. Continued Professional Development (CPDs)
▢ 3. CBRM Mentoring Program
▢ 3. If you are a BRM Institute Professional Member, join the CBRM Home Page on the Online Campus
▢ 4. Upload your accreditation body credential certificate to My Profile
> Account > CPD Credits > Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) Certification entry
▢ 5. Download your CBRM digital badge and share with others
▢ 1. Email Signature
▢ 2. Social Media Profiles
31-60 Days /
2 Months
▢ 6. Conduct assessments as a benchmark and create your organization-specific BRM Capability Action Plan ▢ 1. BRM Competency Model
▢ 2. BRM Maturity Model
▢ 7. Create your Continued Professional Development (CPD) PlanTemplate coming soon!
▢ 8. Schedule a quarterly reminder to upload your CPDs for the next three years
61-90 Days /
3 Months
▢ 9. Upload documents in My Profile > Account > CPD Credits > CBRM Certification Maintenance Program-Document Repository entry ▢ 1. BRM Capability Action Plan
▢ 2. CPD Plan
91- 365 Days /
3-12 Months
▢ 10. Achieve your CPD Plan goals and log them quarterly
365 Days / 1 Year▢ 11. Reassess your organization to measure improvements and impact ▢ 1. BRM Competency Model
▢ 2. BRM Maturity Model
▢ 12. Write a Year One Impact Report of your BRM Capability Action Plan based on the following elements: ▢ 1. Value Management
▢ 2. Professional Development return on investment
▢ 3. Key Learnings
▢ 4. Changed Behaviors
▢ 5. Lessons learned to carry forward
▢ 13. Review your CPD Plan and make any adjustments necessary based on what has changed for you over the previous year and over the next year.
▢ 14. Upload documents in your My Profile > Account > CPD Credits > CBRM Certification Maintenance Program-Document Repository entry
366-1065 Days /
13-35 Months
▢ 15. Achieve your CPD Plan goals and upload/track your CPDs
▢ 16. Repeat steps 11-14 to assess your organization and write your yearly Impact Reports for Year Two and Year Three
1095 Days / 36 Months / 3 Years▢ 17. Validate your CBRM Renewal Certificate was uploaded in your My Profile
> Account > CPD Credits > Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) Certification entry
1095+ Days /
36+ Months
▢ 18. Use the Year 3 assessment and Impact Report to create a new three-year BRM Capability Plan ▢ 1. BRM Competency Model
▢ 2. BRM Maturity Model
▢ 19. Develop a new three-year CPD plan
▢ 20. Upload documents in your My Profile > Account > CPD Credits > CBRM Certification Maintenance Program-Document Repository entry


CPD Guide

The tables below outline key areas of involvement with BRM Institute and estimated CPD hours you may earn through each opportunity.

Training and Development CourseCPD Credit/Unit
Becoming a Value-Focused Organization14
BRM Fundamentals6
Business Relationship Manager Professional (BRMP®) Certification25
Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) Certification35
Strategic Partnering Approach14
BRMConnect Annual Conference22
External Conferences and TrainingDependent
BRM Institute Community Involvement*
Regional Ambassador12
BRM General Council Member4
BRM Council Leadership Team12
Executive Council Leadership Team12
BRM Industry Champion12
BRM Knowledge Provision Council12
BRM Knowledge Team4
Community of Interest Leader12
BRM Ethics Committee12
BRMConnect Storyteller6
BRMConnect Coach2
Webinar Panelist5/Opportunity
Contributor Network3/Opportunity
CBRM Mentoring12/CBRM
BRM Knowledge/Research PublicationsCPD Credit/Unit
BRM Institute Publication (Reading)1. BRMP=2 | 2. CBRM=3 | 3. BRM Playbook=2 | 4. RCO=1
Non-BRM Institute Publication (Reading)Dependent Publication Size
100-200 pages=2 | 201-400 pages=3 | 401+= 4
Publication (Authoring) Depending
Reading an Article/Whitepaper
Authoring an Article/Whitepaper
Attending a BRM Institute Webinar
Attending a non-BRM Institute Webinar
Benchmarking Tool
Participated in Survey1
*CPDs are based on estimated time investments per opportunity.Additional CPDs may be recorded per each opportunity with proper documentation that demonstrates the additional contributions made.


CBRM Certification Renewal and Revocation

It is the responsibility of the CBRM certification holders to be aware of the timeline and expiration date of their CBRM certification.

  1. BRM Institute shall issue a 3-year CBRM renewal period to the CBRM certification holders who meet the renewal requirements.
  2. If the CBRM certification holder fails to meet the CPD requirements and/or fails to respond to BRM Institute requests for additional information during the renewal period, his or her certification shall be revoked.
  3. If the CBRM certification holder violates the BRM Code of Ethics their certification shall be revoked.
Non-Member Certification Maintenance Fee

The money received through the payment of the $85 Certification Maintenance Fee will be used to cover administrative costs associated with maintaining and auditing the required records. BRM Institute will provide an online CMF payment functionality, but CBRM certification holders will also have the option of mailing the payment by check, along with the proof of their CPD credits.

Click here to submit any questions or recommendations for evolving these expectations or timelines.


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