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Our Mission

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Our Challenge | Educate young minds about the art of relationship building

Our Challenge | Aid individuals across 50 communities

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Purpose (we get up every morning to…)

Improve ourselves, our organizations and our world by connecting relationships to results.

Vision (we want to live in a world where…)

We envision a world where human interactions and relationships are the cornerstone of societal progress. Where individuals and communities harness the transformative power of relationships to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

Mission (what we want to do…)

Teaching Interpersonal Connections: Elevating the power of relationships to solve global challenges for societal advancement.






How we want to make an Impact

1. Engage Young Minds:Imagine a world where our youth have been taught the importance of building strong relationships before they enter the workforce. What could an entire generation that is equipped to making a positive impact have on our world?

Our Challenge: Educate 1 million young minds about the art of relationship building

  1. Empower Vulnerable Communities: Create meaningful and lasting change in the lives of disadvantaged communities domestic and abroad by leveraging the principles of relationship management to foster collaboration and sustainable development in underserved areas.

Our Challenge: Aid 50,000 individuals across 50 communities.

  1. Inner Mastery for Relational Excellence: Picture a world where individuals invest in self-awareness as a cornerstone for nurturing healthier, more meaningful relationships. How would society shift if each of us mastered the nuances of emotional intelligence?

Our Challenge: Help 100,000 people improve their emotional intelligence for better relationships.

  1. Kickstart Awesome BRM Careers: By contributing to a future teeming with BRM specialists, you’re not just opening career doors — you’re bestowing the gift of impactful, fulfilling work that enriches both individuals and organizations globally.

Our Challenge:  Fund scholarships for 5,000 aspiring BRM professionals

What we need to make it happen

Community Support

None of this happens without a community of volunteers to make the Vision of the Foundation become a reality.  Their dedication and passion amplify our efforts to strengthen global relationships and drive positive change. By sharing their time and skills, and compassion, volunteers help us build a brighter future in the communities we touch and create a world where authentic connections truly make an impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future through volunteerism.

Financial Backing

To make any of this happen in any kind of meaningful way, we need to fuel our efforts with contributions from private and public sectorsmade available through donations from individuals and corporations as well as obtaining funding available through grants. Those contributions empower us to make a meaningful difference in communities worldwide, promoting empathy, cooperation, and a brighter future for all. That support is the catalyst that drives our vision and turns it into a reality.

Education Curriculum

Curriculum development is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s mission. It enables us to craft educational materials and programs that empower individuals and communities with the essential skills for building strong, empathetic relationships. Whether we’re targeting youth, families-in-need, or post-war communities, developing innovative curriculum can equip those people with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of human interaction, fostering a more harmonious, connected world.


Research allows us to gain deeper insights into the dynamics of relationships, empathy, and cooperation, enabling us to develop evidence-based strategies for fostering positive change in communities worldwide. By supporting research initiatives, you play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of how strong, empathetic relationships can drive societal progress. Those contributions empower us to develop more effective programs, interventions, and resources, ensuring that our efforts are rooted in knowledge and innovation.

Areas of Focus

Scholarships & Internships
  • Fund scholarships for students and professionals to expand their BRM knowledge and skills.
  • Build intern partnerships with governments, universities, and businesses to help individuals gain practical BRM experience.
Research & Grants
  • Fund grants to help further the study, application, and practical implementation of BRM practices and principles across industries.
  • Develop a fully functional research arm to support academic, government, and private sector applicability of BRM principles and practices.
Partnerships & Academia
  • Forge partnerships across academic, government, and private-sector entities to fortify commitment for solving significant problems and accomplishing amazing things.
  • Partner with public and private US high schools and world-class universities to establish BRM principles and practices as recognized best practices and widely accepted curriculum.

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If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.

- Scott Stratten

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