Volunteering with BRM Institute

BRM Institute is a mission and purpose-driven association that exists because of the passion and expertise of our global volunteers!

At our core, we believe when you share your knowledge, efforts, and work, you will get back more than you give. At a minimum, you will enrich the lives of those who benefit from your efforts. Volunteering and leading activities to further the BRM profession will build on your leadership skills and provide opportunities to help others succeed. Join the effort and become a BRM legend. One of the original visionaries forever remembered for the time and effort devoted to instilling BRM as a revered discipline, capability, and role across the globe.

We offer a variety of ways for the BRM community to get involved, from short-term volunteer projects to committee, council, and board service. With every new volunteer, our community grows more energized, more diverse and inclusive. We become better equipped to reach our common goals.

We welcome active Professional Members, from a variety of career levels and diverse backgrounds, to serve on our Leadership Boards, Councils, Committees, and for other short- and long-term roles.

Explore the many opportunities we have to offer and get involved today. No contribution is too small!

Where to start:

You are encouraged to lead and/or apply for any opportunity that aligns with your passions! Throughout the year, we post current volunteer opportunities to our Volunteer Center in the BRM Institute Online Campus. These openings are a great way to find opportunities that fit your interests and the time that you have available.

Volunteer Leadership:

When you are ready to take your involvement to the next level, consider joining one of our many leadership groups listed below. Applications are taken year-round for most of the groups via our quick volunteer leadership application form here or announced on our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Boards and Councils:

BRM Institute Board of Directors

Serves as BRM Institute’s leadership body, with a duty to serve BRM Institute’s members around the globe.

Knowledge Team

An independent volunteer body that works in tandem with the BRM Institute Professional Development Team (PDT) to ensure BRM Institute maximizes the value it delivers to the global BRM community through “knowledge.”



Committees dedicated to orchestrating and maintaining a working relationship between BRM Institute and their Strategic Alliance partners that benefit both organizations’ missions and their communities. They aim to drive greater awareness, adoption, and support for the BRM discipline and empowering BRMs to have more success in their roles. Current committees include:

BRM Recognition Committee

Individuals responsible for steering how the Global BRM Community is recognized as individuals, teams, and organizations.


BRM Leaders:

Community of Interest Leaders

Individuals responsible for coordinating and leading all BRM Institute Communities of Interest through dedicated Online Campus spaces, networking events, physical and virtual meet-ups, and more.

Storytellers and Presenters

Communicate complex ideas, knowledge

BRM Content Contributor Network

Launched in August 2016, the BRM Contributor Network provides an exclusive platform for BRM Institute Professional Members to share their expertise and establish themselves as thought leaders on topics and issues that affect BRMs every day.

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