BRM Institute Core Values

Relationships + Impact + Fun= BRM Institute

“Building an association to be proud of.”

Be Human

We know that it’s relationships that bring our work to life.

  • People before business.
  • Mistakes happen. Be kind, have care in our conversations.
  • Celebrate diversity and accept the humanness of those around us.

Kick- Ass

Kicking ass is the difference between simply having a job and doing something with your life.

  • Start less, finish more.
  • UPOD – Under Promise and Over Deliver.
  • Be awesome.

Learn Forever

We are students for life and reserve the right to get smarter every day.

  • See the opportunity to learn from everyone we encounter.
  • Share what we know to help others learn.
  • Seek and be open to change, new ideas, and new information.

Innovate or Die

We embrace change, support creativity, and drive forward-thinking lest we become irrelevant.

  • Fall in love with the problem, not the solution – Dig to find the root of a problem, then dig deeper.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail or be wrong; just learn from it.
  • Create change. Expect change. Accept change. 

Play, as a Team

Through having fun and working together, we accomplish more, faster with better results, than chipping away individually.

  • Share ownership, be flexible and adaptable.
  • Do more so others can do less.
  • Remember we are all working towards the same goals.

As individuals, we support our teams and this association. As part of a team, we partner with our global BRM community who rely on our products and services to drive their accomplishments.

  • Create solutions by understanding the needs and challenges of our community, our team, and our association.
  • Be self-aware and understand our own need to improve ourselves.
  • Think of our members first, but don’t lessen the importance of our employees.

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