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From Service Provider to BRM: Interview with Peter Lijnse


Peter Lijnse of Instrumental BRM discusses the recent shift from Service Management Art to Instrumental BRM, the short- and long-term goals for the organization, and how it stands to impact the field of business relationship management.


The BRM Role in Financial Planning


When it comes to budgeting, what is the BRM’s role? Jack Probst of Pink Elephant discusses the answer to this question and more through the ABCs of Financial Management: Accounting, Budgeting, and Charging.


Getting the Most Value Out of Business-IT Relationships


In today’s times, the nature of the relationship between business and IT can best be described as co-creational. So what do the business and IT need from each other to succeed?


Your Organization Isn’t Unique. Here’s What Is.


Just like animals, there are different “species” of organizations that have evolved, making various adaptations now evident. Learn what exactly sets you apart in your organization.

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