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Thank you for your interest in Business Relationship Management Institute’s content.

With agreements in place with APMG, our certifying partner, and with consulting and training partners for use of intellectual property, it is necessary for BRM Institute to take steps that involve protections of the IP. This ensures that our Accredited Training Organizations remain the comprehensive source for BRM Institute material. 

That said, many organizations seek permissions for intellectual property use that is much more abbreviated. Presentations of higher level BRM-relevant diagrams and concepts to business partners, executive and board teams and the like are common. For this reason, BRM Institute has carved out an abbreviated agreement that can support use of selected items for internal presentations and training.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this program. We can provide information on content eligible for license and the very low fee structure (if applicable) designed to support organizations in their growth and development of BRM capabilities.

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