Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Partners in Purpose

The Power of Community

BRM Institute offers sponsorship opportunities to individuals and organizations who align with the BRM Institute mission and purpose. BRM Institute believes in the power of community, and as such, chooses sponsors who contribute value to the single, global BRM community.


With nearly 6,000 unique website visits per week and an impressive average of over 25% open rate in targeted emails, exposure on BRM Institute’s online platforms offers significant value to every sponsor.


BRM Institute’s reach includes over 150+ countries worldwide with Professional Members across the globe. With top ten industry demographics including government, higher education, communication, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and financial services just to name a few.

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Sponsors are eligible for discounts if they wish to bundle sponsorship opportunities.

Digital Marketing

Package Details:


Public Website

1. Inline Ad – 250×250 homepage x 3 per month (total slots 36)

  1. 10,000th BRMP Counter (January & February Only) Digital counter on the home page of BRM Institute to track BRMPs at we travel to the 10K milestone with “Brought to you by Sponsor” graphics. Hyperlink to sponsor website and prominent placement in celebratory email when we hit 10K BRMPs.


Webinars for the single, global BRM community

  1. BRMTv – Recorded webinars aired on BRMTv (our YouTube channel); Sponsor ad x 12 with a lead-out screen.


Bi-weekly newsletter distributed to entire community

  1. Inline ad – 250×250, 4 available per issue = 48 slots per year, hyperlinked to sponsor website
  2. Article – Sponsor written and BRM Institute approved; 4 slots available per month 

Monthly Education Round Up Newsletter

Monthly round-up a newsletter that lists BRM Institute sponsored courses available for that month. 

Digital MarketingPlatinum (1)Gold (2)Silver (Unlimited)Bronze (Unlimited)Digital (Unlimited)
Public Website > Inline Ad3 Ads2 Ads1 Ad1 Ad1 Ad
Public Website > 10,000th BRMP Counter (Jan & Feb Only)
1 Month1 MonthAdd-on Add-on Add-on
Webinars > BRMTv
3 Webinars2 Webinars1 WebinarAdd-on Add-on
BRMNews > Inline Ad
N/A2 ads2 ads2 ads2 ads
BRMNews > Article 1 Article1 ArticleAdd-on Add-on Add-on



BRMWeek Sponsorship

Package details:

Townhall/ AMA Ask me Anything Sponsor

Townhalls held during BRMWeek

  • Prime Logo Placement During Webinar

BRMWeek General Sponsorship

Sponsorship throughout the week-long event of BRMWeek

  • Logo placement on website and event communications (footer for blog, footer for email communications)
  • exposure during social media communications throughout the week (thank you shout out in social media)

    Virtual Birthday Gift Bag

    • Logo placed on Virtual Gift Bag
    • Opportunity to donate specialized gift (one hour consulting, coaching, etc)
    • Recognition during the virtual birthday
    BRMWeekPlatinum (1) Gold (2)Silver (Unlimited)Bronze (Unlimited)Digital (Unlimited)

    1 Lead-in1 Lead-outAdd-on Add-on Add-on
    Virtual Birthday Gift Bag

    10th Anniversary Bash Sponsorship

    The in-person party to celebrate the single, global BRM community 10th anniversary; scheduled for Tuesday, October 10 from 5p-10p at the Portland Zoo in Portland, Oregon during the 2023 World BRMConnect Conference.

    • Live Band
    • Open Bar
    • Animal Theme Masquerade
    • Signature Drink
    • Design + Signage
    • Acknowledgement page with logo
    • Swag gift bags
    10th Birthday SponsorshipPlatinum (1)Gold (2)Silver (Unlimited)Bronze (Unlimited)Digital (Unlimited)
    Birthday BashIncN/AN/AN/AN/A

    BRMConnect Sponsorship

    Package Details:


    1. Marketing Pre/During/Post-event sponsor will be tagged via LinkedIn and Twitter
    2. BRMChallenge – Engagement through gamification during event
    3. Video Promo – Promotional video played during event. Video provided by sponsor, approved by BRM Institute.
    4. Museum Display – A walk-through display of BRM artifacts from the past ten years, Then and Now.
      1. Sponsor signage at the beginning and end of display.
      2. Video streaming on wall, continuous loop- a video of Then and Now, with a 1min sponsor ad placed within the loop.

    In-Person Presence

    1. Logo Placement On Stage, Registration Check-In Area, Information Desk
    2. Conference TicketsTicket to attend in-person
    3. ActivityDedicated activities during networking opportunities
    4. Booth / TableA dedicated location for meeting attendees and distributing collateral
    5. BRMLoungeA dedicated area with special activities for attendees for some R&R. Collateral display and signage per activity:
      1. Chair Massages
      2. Charging Stations
      3. Fancy Beverage Station
      4. Livestreaming Interview


    1. Speaking/Storytelling Opportunity – Keynote and/or breakout session speaking/storytelling slot
    2. Attendee List – A complete list of attendees and their contact information that have given written consent/permission for the sponsors to contact them directly.
    3. Coaching Sessions – Coaching sessions with attendees
    4. Meet the Sponsor SessionA dedicated timeslot in the conference program where attendees meet the sponsors and learn about their services and offerings


    BRMConnect EventPlatinum (1)Gold (2)Silver (Unlimited)Bronze (Unlimited)Digital (Unlimited)
    Advertising > Mobile AppLarge LogoMedium LogoSmall LogoSmall LogoSmall Logo
    Advertising > EmailLarge LogoMedium LogoSmall LogoSmall LogoSmall Logo
    Advertising > WebsiteLarge LogoMedium LogoSmall LogoSmall LogoSmall Logo
    Advertising > Marketing in Social Platforms 43222
    Advertising > BRMChallenge43211
    Advertising > Video Promo2 Min1 Min1 Min30 sec30 sec
    Advertising > Museum Display1N/AN/AN/AN/A
    In-Person Presence > Logo Placement
    In-Person Presence > Logo Placement - On StageLarge LogoMedium LogoSmall LogoSmall LogoSmall Logo
    In-Person Presence > Logo Placement - Registration Check-In DeskLarge LogoMedium LogoSmall LogoSmall LogoSmall Logo
    In-Person Presence > Logo Placement - Information BoothLarge LogoMedium LogoSmall LogoSmall LogoSmall Logo
    In-Person Presence > Conference Ticket22110
    In-Person Presence
    > Activity and/or Booth
    1 1 11Add-on
    In-Person Presence > BRMLounge4 Activities Choice of 3Choice of 2Choice of 1Add-on
    Engagement > Speaking/Storytelling OpportunityKeynoteBreakout (Add-on)Breakout (Add-on)Breakout (Add-on)Breakout (Add-on)
    Engagement > Attendee ListYesYesYesAdd-onAdd-on
    Engagement > Coaching SessionsYesYesYesYesYes
    Engagement > Meet the Sponsor Session1111NA


    BRMConnect Add-ons

    (Please Inquire for Pricing on All Items Listed Below)

    Global Excellence Reception Sponsor  

    • One VIP table (8 seats) with priority room placement for the Global Excellence Awards dinner
    • Recognition in pre-event marketing and on-site event materialsEvent website logo placement
    • Recognition at the reception with prominent signage
    • Special recognition at the Awards event in-print, on screen, and from the podium
    • hors d’oeuvres, 2 drink tickets pp, at the hour long reception prior to the awards.

    Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 

    • Plated dinner held during the Global Excellence awards, directly after the Global Excellence Reception
    • Sponsor receives one VIP table (8 seats) at the dinner/awards ceremony
    • Special recognition on screen
    • Signage at event
    • Logo placement on event website, collateral and emails

    Bar at Networking Events

    1. Signage
    2. Bar Napkins
    3. Signature Drink
    4. Hosted (Bartender + 1 Drink Per Person)


    1. From Hotel and Venue
    2. From Hotel and Airport

    Silent Auction for 501c3

    1. Signage
    2. Prize Donation

    BRMConnect Scholarship for BRMs to Attend


    The packages above are standard packages but customized packages are available.

    Contact us to ask about customized sponsorship packages!

    The 2023 World BRMConnect Conference

    Portland, Oregon | October 8-11, 2023


    BRMConnect is the largest gathering of BRMs in the world! Historically, the conference has been filled with 300+ focused BRMs annually. The skills attendees will gain can be utilized by anyone, in any role, regardless of title. Anyone can experience the difference BRM can make and come to BRMConnect to learn how!

    BRMConnect is produced by BRM Institute and presented in partnership with sponsors.

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