Membership Benefits

We have replaced local chapters with global virtual communities of interest. Communities are by industry, geography, or interest. Join like-minded individuals to meet, describe, discuss, disseminate and debate key areas of knowledge and information throughout and beyond the BRM community.

BRM Explorers™ Community

Thousands of commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world are implementing Business Relationship Management (BRM) capabilities. Formalized BRM roles are rapidly becoming an essential part and a new golden standard of effective business partner-provider relationships.

If you are just exploring what Business Relationship Management (BRM) is and how it can benefit your organization, join our exclusive BRM Explorers community to stay informed about the latest BRM trends, innovations, and events! Joining thousands of BRM Explorers is easy and it is free.

Consider becoming a paid member instead, if you are ready to implement or improve a BRM capability. Paid BRM Institute members have access to the same resources and much more!

Professional Membership Benefits

As a BRM Institute member, you will gain immediate access to a rich portfolio of expertly designed professional development and collaboration resources. The unique tools our world-class experts developed and continue to improve will help you address the many challenging questions your role might be facing today and significantly enhance your ability to deliver maximum value to your organization. To get the maximum value from your BRM Institute membership or just to explore what BRM Institute has to offer, please visit BRM Institute Membership Value Realization Roadmap and Click here to download BRM Institute Membership Brochure. BRM Institute members receive a host of benefits designed to support their career growth and professional success, including:

  • “Ask an Expert” – post questions and consult with one of our founders to discuss the BRM role and get answers to your specific questions
  • Access to BRM Institute Online Campus, a members-only interactive learning and collaboration platform containing frameworks, tools, techniques, processes and leading practices
  • Download a personalized copy of The BRMP Guide ebook (look for the “Download The BRMP Guide” button on the Online Campus Home page). This is the same book that is sold on Amazon.
  • Network with fellow BRM professionals and experts to exchange ideas through the BRM Institute members-only Online Campus
  • Take advantage of our regular webinar-based education and training programs
  • Participate in the development and promotion of the role and profession of Business Relationship Management
  • Build your leadership skills through volunteer activities of the BRM Institute which will build your confidence, expand your knowledge, and influence, and expose you to new possibilities!
  • Receive electronic copy of the BRM News, our bi-weekly publication containing valuable tips, interviews with expert BRM practitioners and consultants, and upcoming event announcements.
  • To help interested members connect regardless of their location, we have replaced geographically rooted local chapters with location independent global virtual Communities of Interest. By now, we have several dozen of vibrant Communities of Interest facilitating member interactions based on a particular industry, geography, or interest. Join like-minded (and maybe not so like-minded) members who meet to discuss, collaborate, and share their insights in key areas of BRM knowledge and beyond.
“Ten Plus” Corporate Membership Bundle
  • All benefits of individual Professional Membership
  • Up to 10 individual BRM Institute Corporate Membership accounts
  • Up to one C-Level executive membership
50-Member “Top Value” Corporate Membership Bundle
  • All benefits of individual Professional Membership
  • Up to 50 individual BRM Institute Corporate Membership accounts
  • Up to 5 C-Level executive memberships

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