BRM Institute Registered Providers

BRM Institute Registered Providers (RPs)

RPs are qualified organizations that have licensed BRM Institute intellectual property to offer training/coaching in business relationship management and issue continuing professional development (CPD) units to meet the requirements needed by BRM Institute CBRM certification holders.

Why become an RP?

BRM Institute receives many requests from organizations seeking training and guidance relevant to the BRM profession and their BRM capability.

RP Benefits

Make a positive societal impact by helping BRMs be successful at what they do.

Seen as a thought leader in the global BRM community.

Listed in our directory.

Eligible to receive qualified requests for proposals.

Allowed to list qualified knowledge offerings on our Global BRM Events calendar.

How to Qualify to Become an RP

Each knowledge offering has specific qualifications to become an RP for that knowledge offering.  To learn more about specific requirements complete the form below.

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