Request for Training Proposal

Use this Request for Training Proposal form to solicit training proposals from our Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs). Please note that this form is intended for group training requests with full intent to purchase only.

Do NOT complete this form if you are looking for information only.

Please contact us with general questions. If you need individual training, please visit our Accredited Training Organizations directory and review published training courses instead.

  • Minimum two weeks from today's date
  • What industry best describes your organization?
  • If more than one option selected, please explain your preferences below.
  • This service is provided by BRM Institute, as is, without warranties and guarantees of any kind. It is not intended as a recommendation of one particular product or training organization.

    Our amazing ATOs are working hard to put together training proposals at your request. When an ATO responds to your request with a proposal, please be sure to send them a quick “I have received your response, thank you.” email to let them know the process is working, they would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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