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Do organizations really need both BRM and Agile? In our latest white paper, expert BRM and Agile practitioners discuss the answer to this persistent question, along with how a strategic union of the two capabilities provides industry-leading results.

Human Resources, now the People function, will lie at the center of an organization’s future success because, simply, humans are at the heart of every organization. To properly support people is to drive strategic value.

Read Business Relationship Management Institute’s latest piece of research on the connection between the BRM DNA model and the key factors to consider when building or hiring the ideal BRM.

A comprehensinve case study on how Business Relationship Management transforms SMUD’s IT from siloed service provider to converged strategic partner!

Highly Requested Webinar Recordings:

Sabine Roduit, CIO/IT – Nestlé

Gareth Harron, Head of IT – Nestlé Canada

Helder Lopes Melo, BRM – Nestlé Health Science

Nothing creates a stronger bond than shared purpose and a mutual reliance. This webinar series is dedicated to showing how Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) are working with, not against, other roles and disciplines within an organization. To achieve a converged state, we must understand the roles and responsibilities outside of our own and work together to achieve organizational success.

Peter Lijnse, Lead the Pack Consulting

A BRM capability drives innovation and business value, builds strategic partnerships, and evolves enterprise culture to support collaboration and shared ownership of strategy and results across all business functions.

Maureen Jesuthasan, Senior Manager – West Monroe Partners

Terry Krafthefer, BRM Manager – Tucson Electric Power Company

Other systems don’t close the loop between creation of strategy, it’s implementation and value recognition. BRM is the only capability that focuses on creativity, evolving culture, building partnerships and driving value.

Stephanie Walsh
Cindy Smith
Michelle Pallas
Chris Lucas

During this webinar, we will hear from Chris Lucas, Stephanie Walsh, Michelle Pallas, and Cindy Smith to learn how BRM and Change Management work together in business strategy and to provide results. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking discussion.

Eric Bloom – Executive Director-IT Management and Leadership Institute

Join us with Eric Bloom for practical tips and techniques that you can put into practice today for working on a virtual team.

Mark Polane, Telecommunications Officer – UN Regional Service Centre Entebbe, Uganda

It’s important to identify value as it relates to both purpose and business. While business will always be business and purpose varies between organization; the BRM can bridge the culture gap between the two. In this always “on” world, values shift much more quickly and regionally and organizations must be able to respond to this without destroying the security of their teams.

Larimer County Team:

Ali Whitcomb
Cassie Lallak
Lee Reiff
Paulina Bennett

During this webinar, we will hear from a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) and a Project Manager (PM) with experience and a clear understanding of how these two roles work together in business strategy and to provide results. All roles and functions will benefit from this insightful, educational session.

Aaron Monroe, VP, Product Transformation Leader – Visa

Jeff Kutchey, VP,  Sr. Technology Product Manager – T. Rowe Price

During this webinar, we will hear from a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) with experience and understanding of how BRM and Lean-Agile work together in business strategy and to provide results. They will also highlight how they work together on focus, ideation, value planning, reporting structure, and shaping demand.

Tyrone Green, IT Senior Director – PepsiCo

Move over Millennials, Gen Z has arrived! For the first time in history, the incoming workforce is just as, if not more, motivated by intangible value than a paycheck. New BRMs are not coming from traditional corporate paths or education systems and they’re bringing new ideas and perspectives with them.

Join us with Tyrone Green, IT Senior Director, PepsiCo for this webinar!

Roy Youngman, Knowledge Manager, Member Experience – BRM Institute

How do you compare to other BRMs? How does your organization’s BRM capability compare to that of other organizations, and what can you learn from these comparisons? Discover how to use the BRM Benchmark Program to find insights and track progress. 

Additional Webinar Recordings:

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