Mastering Your BRM Toolkit | April 24, 2024

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Essential Learning

With workshops ranging from RSOAP, value documents, From Purpose to Impact tiles- attendees will gain essential skills during this fun, one day virtual forum. Each session will include a lively Q&A with the presenters, providing attendees with the opportunity to fully master the practical application of the tools in real-world scenarios.

An immersive one day virtual event, focused on practical exercises, hands-on learning, and skill development for BRMs. Each workshop has been developed with a focus on empowering BRMs at every level to master their craft during these curated virtual sessions delivered by experts.

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9:00 am EST



Welcome to Mastering Your BRM Toolkit Virtual Learning Event | Master the tools needed to elevate your career and BRM practice. Lively Q&A after each session with the Storytellers!

9:15 AM EST

From Purpose to Impact

With Darrel Popowich

It is critical for BRMs to show the impact they deliver- learn how to measure and demonstrate your impact. You’ll takeaway a template and step by step instructions for how to share the impact of BRM with a powerful visual tool.

11:00 AM EST

Relationship Strategy on a Page (RSOAP)

Storyteller Coming Soon

The RSOAP is an essential tool for BRMs of every industry. The RSOAP helps to identify collaborative partners, continous improvement and long term perspective that extends beyond immediate gains. This framework can help foster strong, meaningful relationships that deliver powerful value results.

1:00 PM EST

Building a Relationship Roadmap

Peter Lijnse

A roadmap is a powerful tool for navigating a journey toward a destination, but what if you could apply the same concept to relationships? The Relationship Roadmap session, outlines key milestones, pathways and strategies for building and maintaining strong relationships. Serving as a blueprint for navigating the complexities of human connections and overcoming obstacles along the way.

3:00 PM EST

How to Pitch BRM to Executive Leadership

Storyteller Coming Soon

For the BRM Capability to flourish in an orgainization, support must start at the top. But, the right approach can be tricky when pitching BRM to your C-Level Executives. Discover the tried-and-true techniques, best language and approach for successfully pitching BRM to your top executives and gaining their support.

5:00 PM EST
9:00 AM ACT

BRM SWOT Analysis

Storyteller Coming Soon

Unlock the power of BRM using SWOT analysis. Uncover hidden advantages, fine-tune operations, harness insights and safeguard againest potential threats. Tailor your approach to delivering impact results by truly understanding your organizations internal strengths. Learn how to use this BRM tool by attending!

8:00 PM PST
9:30 AM IST

BRM Competency Model Assesment

Storyteller Coming Soon

You aspire to be a master level BRM, but you’re not sure where you fall in the BRM Competency model. It’s time to learn how to use the BRM Competency Model assesment to identify your current level and where you can grow. Let’s dive into how this practical tool can be used to propel your role growth.

7:00 AM EST
12:00 PM GMT

Idea Document

Storyteller Coming Soon

You’ve got a great idea and you want to present it to your leadership but you need to design a compelling document that will showcase all the benefits of the idea, alongside the steps of execution- this session is designed for YOU! Learn how to develop an idea document that will help turn your best ideas into the brightest outcomes.

8:00 PM EST

How to Create a Value Plan

Barbara Trotter

A value plan is indispensible for not only BRMs, but every leadership role. This document outlines the specific actions and activities needed to meet the expectations of leadership, partners, and create the desired positive outcomes for the organization as a whole. Join this session and learn how to create a value plan that will create the greatest impact results.

Meet the Experts

Speakers are being added weekly!

Darrel Popowich

Darrel Popowich

Chief Visionary Officer, BRM Institute

Darrel Popowich

Barbara Trotter

USA Today Network


Peter Lijnse

Lead the Pack Consulting

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