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You Can Lead the Way: Call for BRMConnect Storytellers

Storytellers not only inspire, but also provide attendees with valuable insights on how to build a successful BRM team, overcome specific challenges, and achieve success faster than if you were to go it alone. So don’t hesitate – join us as a BRMConnect Storyteller and help us build a stronger, more connected community of BRM professionals.

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Bring Your BRM Team to Life


With the help from a team of subject matter experts, BRM Institute welcomes the first book in its library of Purpose to Practice Playbooks. This first series, Bringing a BRM to Life: An Introduction, is the high-level guide to your team.

The BRMP Spanish Translation is Here!


As a global organization reaching members worldwide, BRM Institute is proud to announce the newest language translation of the Business Relationship Management Professional certification in Spanish!

Top BRMs 2023


The global BRM community is recognizing the top BRMs that have achieved success through their BRM efforts, strengthened the global BRM community and BRM discipline, enriched lives through excellence in BRM within their organizations, and/or contributed to the community on a local, national, and global level.

Celebrate World #BRMWeek 2023


Announcing World #BRMWeek, February 5-11, 2023, which honors all of the work you do for your organization week-long celebration of all things BRM! Want to take part in the festivities worldwide? Take a look at the week of events we have planned for you and your team!

Pre-Early Bird Registration is Now Open!


The 2023 World BRMConnect Conference Pre-Early Bird Registration is NOW open! Hurry, these savings won’t last long. Snag your seat to the learning event of the year and save BIG!

Re-Valuing Your BRM Career Intentions


You are the only one who can make the step to advance your career. You get to decide if re-valuing your BRM career is worth it or not. Why not take the beginning of 2023 to detangle from last year’s stale ideas, unrealistic expectations, and stagnant growth and be different, daring, and innovating?

Unlock the Infinite: Triple Bottom Line


The triple bottom line shifts the focus from profits, a trailing indicator, and changes the focal point to people, purpose, and planet, a leading factor for organizations to perpetually thrive. The triple bottom line is about the never-ending future of the organization—not its recent past. It’s a much more inclusive way to participate in your organization, and it encourages a more meaningful work environment while inspiring a shared ownership mentality.

Professional Development, Resolutions, Recession, and YOU!


Instead of being fearful, face forward and be fearless! Sometimes you can’t wait for the world to catch up and you must decide to lock the back door to the caboose and travel the distance to the front of the train. No matter how many times you may lose your balance or how many stops along the way, reaching for that next step in your career and obtaining it is exactly what you need

The Pursuit of Passion: Volunteers Make the Difference


Here in the BRM community, volunteers drive everything we do. Everyday, but especially on International Volunteer Day, we celebrate volunteers and the lasting impact of their efforts around the globe.

Give Together, Grow Together


On this Giving Tuesday, help us help others. When you donate to BRM Institute, your contribution will help fund hardship memberships, operating expenses, and events that bring BRMs together from communities around the world.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and BRM


Though business relationship management is a relatively new field, it comes at a time when its potential is amplified by a growing interest in human potential. In other words: as business relationship managers perfect their craft, they are poised to facilitate great improvements in employee engagement, the valuation of employees, and diversity and inclusion.

Announcing the 2022 Global BRM Community Excellence Award Winners


We are excited to announce this year’s Global Excellence Award Winners, the most prestigious awards in the BRM community. Recipients of this year’s awards were nominated by their peers for outstanding service to the BRM community. Please join us in celebrating them at the 2022 World BRMConnect Conference

Team Dynamics—are REAL


Team dynamics is a subject matter most organizations are wrestling with as team leaders work to find the best and most efficient way to get their people set up to thrive in a creative and collaborative manner. Effective team leaders recognize that their members will have difference of opinions, various energies, and diverse personalities that could potentially rumble and create discourse within the organization.

Who Will Be the 10,000th BRMP®?


That’s right, over the past ten years, almost 10,000 BRMP®s have become credentialed and are driving change in organizations around the globe—and BRM Institute is waiting to see who will become the 10,000th BRMP®.

What Gives Me the Right to Be Here? The Imposter Syndrome


People who experience impostor syndrome often succumb to the idea that they aren’t worthy of their position. You become stuck in a vicious cycle and it’s hard to see any way out of it. What you may not know is that IS is built and nurtured within the confines of your subconscious mind. It’s created by your personal experiences, societal ethos, and the wash and repeat stories saturating your conscious and subconscious mind.

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