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Give Together, Grow Together

On this Giving Tuesday, help us help others. When you donate to BRM Institute, your contribution will help fund hardship memberships, operating expenses, and events that bring BRMs together from communities around the world.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and BRM


Though business relationship management is a relatively new field, it comes at a time when its potential is amplified by a growing interest in human potential. In other words: as business relationship managers perfect their craft, they are poised to facilitate great improvements in employee engagement, the valuation of employees, and diversity and inclusion.

Announcing the 2022 Global BRM Community Excellence Award Winners


We are excited to announce this year’s Global Excellence Award Winners, the most prestigious awards in the BRM community. Recipients of this year’s awards were nominated by their peers for outstanding service to the BRM community. Please join us in celebrating them at the 2022 World BRMConnect Conference

Team Dynamics—are REAL


Team dynamics is a subject matter most organizations are wrestling with as team leaders work to find the best and most efficient way to get their people set up to thrive in a creative and collaborative manner. Effective team leaders recognize that their members will have difference of opinions, various energies, and diverse personalities that could potentially rumble and create discourse within the organization.

Who Will Be the 10,000th BRMP®?


That’s right, over the past ten years, almost 10,000 BRMP®s have become credentialed and are driving change in organizations around the globe—and BRM Institute is waiting to see who will become the 10,000th BRMP®.

What Gives Me the Right to Be Here? The Imposter Syndrome


People who experience impostor syndrome often succumb to the idea that they aren’t worthy of their position. You become stuck in a vicious cycle and it’s hard to see any way out of it. What you may not know is that IS is built and nurtured within the confines of your subconscious mind. It’s created by your personal experiences, societal ethos, and the wash and repeat stories saturating your conscious and subconscious mind.

Organizational Blues? What to Do


You believed in the organization’s purpose, yet the organizational culture is proving to be the opposite. You want to make a difference, except that the lack of value and partnership in leadership and employees is becoming too much. Still, you know deep down that this organization has the potential to be more than what it’s showing up to be because you’re seeing little glimpses of greatness.

Where is my place in the world?


Today more than ever, people are expecting organizations to keep to their word and stand by their purpose. If an organization claims to hire people with a growth mindset, help establish meaningful relationships, and build trust among its partners, the organization is expected to see it through. Meaningless words are just words without ideation, and ideation that doesn’t have follow through ends up as pointless theories taking up valuable space. Words matter, and how we use them is significant.

The ABCs: Relationships and You


Let’s take a look at the ABCs of a relationship-centered organization (RCO) and break them down into digestible little nuggets of knowledge. An RCO is an organization that sees the benefit and added value in purposeful relationships. It is a comprehensive system focused on relationships as the source for limitless energy, driving value, and helping an organization satisfy its purpose. It establishes value in the triple bottom line consisting of people, purpose, and planet.

Essential Reading for BRMs in 2022: Books to Light Your Path


Whether you love to set goals; have a chance for a fresh, clean start; or aim to leap forward to work on professional or personal aspirations; it’s time to embrace spring with a renewed excitement for all of the opportunities it may hold. As the sunny days start to outnumber the stormy ones, we’re taking a moment to list (in no particular order) seven influential books that we feel will strengthen your skills and spark excitement toward building better relationships.

Story Time with BRM Institute: The Development of Organizational Culture


BRM skills can be put to use by anyone with relationships. And for organizations and the teams within them? Well, BRM is the secret sauce to becoming more efficient, more productive, and having an overall smoother operational experience. Of course, BRM is also the key to having a healthy and thriving organizational culture.

Exploring the Spirit of BRM


Don’t let the word “business” in business relationship management fool you. The theory and capability of BRM extend far beyond business. Look around you. Use your BRM skills to identify who within your circle has the necessary skills to accomplish a particular thing, and put those skills to use.

Welcome Aboard the Esprit de BRM World Tour!


We can’t wait to see your faces and experience your enthusiasm and energy as you unlock the infinite power of BRM. Film yourselves experiencing the spirit of BRM, showing us how and what that means to you!

What Is Esprit de BRM?


From work life to personal relationships to achieving personal goals and aspirations, the BRM mindset can advance every facet of our lives.

It’s a lofty promise, but we stand behind it, and here’s why: In any situation, a positive result can be reached quicker and more efficiently if all parties involved communicate effectively, are focused on the same issue, and share the same purpose.

But wait. We all come from different backgrounds, live in different cultures, and have different priorities. How in the world can we all come together with one mind and share one unified purpose?

Esprit de BRM…or the spirit of BRM

Excellence in BRM: The 2022 Top BRMs are Announced!


The global BRM community is recognizing the top BRMs that have achieved success through their BRM efforts, strengthened the global BRM community and BRM discipline, enriched lives through excellence in BRM within their organizations, and/or contributed to the community on a local, national, and global level.

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