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Workshop Simulation: Business & IT Convergence

A recent workshop, hosted by GamingWorks, focused on Business & IT convergence and the capability of BRM. In this workshop, we aimed to surprise and inspire the attendees with events throughout the day to give participants a true understanding of why Business & IT convergence instead of alignment is necessary.

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#IAmBRM: Jeff Hileman


Jeff Hileman, one of 2018’s top BRMs, has such a passion for business relationship management that he moved us to learn more about his experience with BRM Institute and why he looks forward to our World BRMConnect Conference this October.


Introducing Nordics, Our Newest CoI


According to Nordics, the CoI ultimately aspires to “…help Nordic organizations discover the power of BRM and the potential contribution it has on value creation.” Nordics established two long-term goals to reach that aspiration.

Badges 2.0

New CBRM® and BRMP® Digital Badges Now Available!


BRM Institute looks forward to seeing the accomplishments of our members proudly displayed on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites. Both the CBRM and BRMP are badges of honor and symbols of the deep commitment necessary to become a top BRM.

Evolving Culture Community of Interest


Steve, Terri and Miguel hope to build awareness of the potency of culture in shaping Business Value Ability. They believe this will lead to a clear understanding of what BRMs can and should do with Leadership to foster a culture founded on trust-based collaboration.

#IAmBRM: Terry Krafthefer


This week we have Terry Krafthefer, a top BRM paving the way, sharing some truly great thoughts about what being a BRM means to him. He understands that BRM is more than just something he does – it is who he is. As a leader, he is tasked with owning his role as a BRM and with providing insight and direction for his team. Expanding his tools and connections through BRM Institute and at events like BRMConnect informs Terry’s work.


BRM Institute Visits Dallas For SIM Connect Live!


As a Strategic Alliance Partner, we were excited to host an exhibitor booth, to be introduced into SIM Chapters across the nation and to have the opportunity to present to their attendees. The chance to further drive awareness and adoption of BRM, as well as the ability to directly engage the C-suite about the value of the BRM profession in an engaging, innovative setting sparked many creative conversations.


Develop Trust To Build Value


Increasing internal communication is so crucial to increasing value for our partners and their continued trust. When things break down or fail (and they will), trust is damaged, and value is greatly diminished. When we work better together, customers feel safe making more demands because they recognize value and they know, even when something goes wrong, we will learn from it and put measures in place to prevent future occurrences.

Announcing BRM Benchmarking™


This new membership benefit, BRM Benchmarking, along with the consolidated input from our single global BRM community will provide answers to these questions. BRM Benchmarking will provide an interactive tool, with tiered-accessibility based on membership levels, which will allow BRMs to enter data and see real-time comparisons against a selected group of filters.

#IAmBRM: Arnie Wetherill


This week, we talked to Arnie Wetherill to find out what #IAmBRM means to him and how he’s used his CBRM and BRMP to further his successes.

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