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BRM Institute is honored to publish the annual Top BRMs list, recognizing BRMs within the global community who embody the true spirit of the BRM discipline.

This distinguished recognition celebrates the dedication and passion these professionals have and their incredible efforts to the BRM discipline which echo throughout the single, global BRM community. Nominated each year, these leaders stand as beacons within the global BRM community, their remarkable contributions serving to fortify the discipline and enrich the lives of others.

From local initiatives to national endeavors and beyond, their impact resonates, fostering collaboration and advancing the collective knowledge base of BRM practices worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the recipients of the Top BRM award exemplify the true spirit of BRM, inspiring others to reach new heights of achievement and catalyzing positive change within organizations and communities alike.

Take a look at the individuals recognized on the 2024 Top BRMS list below!

Barbara Trotter, USA Today Network

Barbara is a dynamic leader, renowed for her fearless approach in fostering collaborative mindsets and driving meaningful change across her enterprise. By creating safe spaces for dialogue and emphasizing the value of collaboration, she has successfully cultivated stronger relationships and implemented innovative practices. Barbara’s dedication to continuous learning is evident through her swift attainment of BRMP and CBRM certifications, coupled with her proactive efforts to integrate these principles into her personal and professional ethos. Notably, she introduced an innovative approach to leverage tuition reimbursement for certifications, contributing to organizational growth and development. Her leadership style emphasizes inclusivity and empowerment, fostering an environment where every individual is valued and encouraged to make significant contributions.





Jasbir Kooner, Englobe

Jasbir is a passionate advocate for Business Relationship Management (BRM), actively engaging in promoting the discipline within her organization and beyond. With a commitment to advancing BRM practices, she continuously seeks opportunities to share her knowledge and expertise, whether through presentations, discussions, or leadership roles. Her participation in events like BRMWeek and BRMConnect highlights her dedication to fostering learning and collaboration within the BRM community. Through her leadership efforts and advocacy, Jasbir is making a significant impact on both her organization and the broader BRM community, exemplifying the power of aligning personal purpose with professional endeavors.



Bill Berg, Medtronic

With a profound understanding of BRM practices,Bill’s contributions have been instrumental in crafting the Bringing a BRM Team to Life Playbooks. As a dedicated Business Relationship Manager, Bill exemplifies the perfect blend of personal passion and professional dedication, fostering stronger relationships within his team and driving innovation. His voluntary efforts in developing the playbooks extend his impact beyond organizational boundaries, enriching the BRM community and fostering a culture of learning and collaboration. Bill’s journey stands as a testament to the power of aligning personal purpose with professional endeavors, showcasing how individual fulfillment can synergistically contribute to organizational growth.

South African Chapter Regional

Baziel Barends, Radishweed Consulting

Baziel is a standout leader within the BRM community, known for his unwavering commitment to advancing BRM adoption worldwide. His tireless contributions have been instrumental in driving progress and fostering collaboration within the field. Recently appointed as the leader for the Africa and Middle East BRM Community, Baziel played a key role in organizing their inaugural successful event in November, demonstrating his dedication to promoting BRM on a global scale.

South African Chapter Regional

Kirstie Magowan, New Zealand Police

Kirstie’s passion and dedication to BRM shine through her actions within her role, where she actively promotes BRM adoption and growth. As a vocal advocate, she has played a significant role in fostering the BRM community and advancing the discipline’s knowledge. Kirstie’s leadership efforts aim to support BRMs in NZ and Australia, ultimately contributing to greater knowledge and adoption of BRM globally. Her commitment to the discipline is evident through her active involvement, such as volunteering as a panelist for the AMA BRMWeek Webinar and the leadership of the technology BRM development team, as well as contributing to the Knowledge Development team to infuse BRM principles into practice guides.




South African Chapter Regional

Svetlana Sidenko, President IT Chapter

As a Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM) and Vice President of IT Chapter, Svetlana’s leadership and contributions have been instrumental in strengthening the BRM discipline. Since 2016, she has voluntarily led the Canadian BRM Community, organizing impactful events and fostering knowledge sharing among BRMs across Canada, thereby enriching the global BRM community’s knowledge base and collaboration. Her impact on the BRM discipline is profound, and her nomination for the “2024 Top BRMs” award is a testament to her outstanding contributions and leadership.




South African Chapter Regional

Tina Pomeroy

Tina’s leadership extends beyond the development of frameworks; she plays a crucial role in identifying and managing crucial projects, ensuring their successful execution. Her ability to recognize and manage dependencies in transformational projects demonstrates her keen eye for strategic prioritization and impactful decision-making. Furthermore, Tina’s contributions to leadership communication and oversight have tangibly enhanced company operations and strategic insights. Overall, Tina’s exceptional capability in establishing and improving relationship maturity levels, proactive approach to strategic prioritization, and commitment to communication and education make her a valuable asset to her organization and the BRM community as a whole.




South African Chapter Regional

Mark Sullivan, Purdue University

Mark Sullivan is a distinguished leader within the BRM community, known for his sustained commitment and proactive engagement in driving meaningful initiatives. As a co-lead for HE (Higher Education), he has played a pivotal role in orchestrating impactful events and fostering collaboration between the Educause BRM community and the BRM Institute. Mark’s proactive approach to partnership-building has led to fruitful collaborations and knowledge exchanges, exemplifying his dedication to advancing the BRM discipline. One of Mark’s notable achievements includes successfully facilitating a faculty partnership with a new start-up, marking Purdue Agriculture’s first venture beyond campus boundaries. Mark Sullivan’s leadership, strategic vision, and relationship-building prowess make him a valuable asset to the BRM community and a driving force behind the success of Purdue Agriculture’s BRM program.




South African Chapter Regional

Kevin Pietschman, Johnson Financial Group

Kevin is a dedicated champion for the advancement of Business Relationship Management (BRM) both within his organization and the broader global community. Kevin has contributed articles to the BRM contributor network and remains an active participant in the BRM Online Campus and global community discussions. His commitment to continuous learning and professional development is evident in his pursuit of the Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM) certification and his role in advancing BRM capability within his organization. As an advocate and steward of BRM within his organization, Kevin has played a key role in advancing BRM adoption and driving clarity around the function of IT roles. By ensuring that Architecture is included in strategic discussions, Kevin has paved the way for technically sound solutions that strengthen relationships and drive organizational success.



Leanne McGiveron Headshot

Leanne McGiveron, Purdue University

As a true BRM Legend, Leanne McGiveron has made significant strides in reimagining IT support by leveraging BRM principles to reverse the depersonalization of services. By empowering desktop support teams to engage with customers on a more personal level, Leanne has transformed the IT support experience, gaining invaluable insights into customer challenges and priorities. Her pioneering approach has garnered recognition at the enterprise level and is being embraced across various departments at the university. In addition to her groundbreaking work in IT support, Leanne has been an active member of the BRM Institute since 2017, consistently sharing her expertise and knowledge with fellow BRMs. With her forward-thinking mindset and dedication to advancing the BRM discipline, Leanne continues to inspire and lead by example, leaving an indelible mark on the BRM community and beyond.

Sincerest congratulations to these well-deserving professionals!

 Please take a few minutes to congratulate them directly, or on social media and let’s celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our community. We celebrate the wins of our friends and colleagues together! If you’re interested in being recognized as a Top BRM for 2025, please check back as the Top BRMs form will open at the end of 2024 for future applicants. 

Thank you to the 2024 BRMWeek Sponsors!


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