BRMConnect Virtual | Week of August 24, 2020



At BRMConnect, BRMs gain (among many other things) real-world experience which allows them to understand and develop metrics to communicate value. It is a place where they can bring actual opportunities to life with the help of BRM Coaches and community members. Here, BRMs will be inspired, challenged, and heard as they dive into the latest developments and knowledge.


  • How to identify and satisfy both personal and organizational purpose.
  • Drive a culture that eliminates silos within organizations and instead fosters collaboration and shared ownership.
  • Ensure that business strategy exists and keep up with the ever-changing business environment.
  • How to excel at shaping business demand.
  • What the C-suite’s needs are and how to help them be as successful as possible.
  • Differentiate between tactical and strategic BRMs and explore what has and hasn’t worked within organizations.


  • Value plans to drive strategy, business value potential, business value realization, and communicate results.
  • Metrics to measure and communicate business value results.
  • Different assessments to further your personal and professional development.
  • Idea Documents and the platforms that house them.
  • The ideation process flow and why ideation is chaos, rather than a process, idea documents, or value plans.
  • The full end-to-end value management process to gain the greatest indicator of BRM success: the ability to articulate the business value coming from your relationships.

Networking and Coaching Opportunities

At BRMConnect, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity spring out of every meeting. Participants don’t just chat, they actively engage with others to solve pertinent questions and opportunities unique to BRM. After all, the heart of BRM is Relationships! Through networking with peers, you will learn how others have already solved current challenges you have today along with new ideas that you can immediately bring back work the workplace. Connect with #BRMLegends for specific coaching where you can review your BRM Journey map, or current state, and devise a plan to advance your BRM capability or BRM skills.

Knowledge Offerings

The BRM Discipline comprises of a full set of knowledge and certifications that guides both the BRM role and capability to success.

I liked the diverse options of subjects to attend, interaction, and pragmatic approach to many of the topics.  This wasn’t a place to come sit down and watch PowerPoint presentations; it was an engaging, relevant, and motivating discussion.  I walked away with many ideas and new approaches to current situations, as well as new contacts who have experience in what we’re working on.” – Jim Brusnahan Global Functions IT Business Partnership, Clarios

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