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Workshop Simulation: Business & IT Convergence

A recent workshop, hosted by GamingWorks, focused on Business & IT convergence and the capability of BRM. In this workshop, we aimed to surprise and inspire the attendees with events throughout the day to give participants a true understanding of why Business & IT convergence instead of alignment is necessary.

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Recognized Value Equals Value Embodied


By defining and understanding Recognized Value, BRMs support their businesses from the foundation to the rafters. A Recognized Value = communicated value + perceived value + measurable value of any process, operation or contribution.


Develop Trust To Build Value


Increasing internal communication is so crucial to increasing value for our partners and their continued trust. When things break down or fail (and they will), trust is damaged, and value is greatly diminished. When we work better together, customers feel safe making more demands because they recognize value and they know, even when something goes wrong, we will learn from it and put measures in place to prevent future occurrences.

Announcing BRM Benchmarking™


This new membership benefit, BRM Benchmarking, along with the consolidated input from our single global BRM community will provide answers to these questions. BRM Benchmarking will provide an interactive tool, with tiered-accessibility based on membership levels, which will allow BRMs to enter data and see real-time comparisons against a selected group of filters.

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Growing a BRM Strategy Garden


The result of this convergence is powerful indeed, yet the truth is this was not done from one day to the other. It took me years. The Business Relationship Management DNA helped me to work and develop Business Relationship Maturity Model at levels 4 and 5. The BRM Maturity Model in my experience on this project left me with distinct insights at every step, which I have summarized below.

Razvan Pirvu Named BRM Institute Regional Ambassador for Eastern Europe


As Regional Ambassador, Razvan aims to capitalize on this high-growth trend by promulgating the impact of BRM throughout Eastern Europe. He will utilize the existing BRM community, ACROM’s extensive network, his own teaching expertise, and local training organizations to expand BRM’s impact.

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The Mozart of Communication


There are truly so many parallels to draw between an orchestrator and a BRM which, when followed, could help cultivate effective and efficient meetings with amazing results! The following steps are my personal reflections of what I believe are steps in the right direction:

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BRM Institute Data Protection and GDPR Compliance


We maintain accurate records of all data collected and subject all of our processes to strict ethical and professional standards. In order to continue our history of excellence in this area, our team anticipates a GDPR inspired expansion of our data security, data storage and usage procedures.

Missing Link

BRM – The Missing Link for IT!


How can BRM help heal the relationship division, close the communication chasm and ensure that IT delivers business value?
Twelve delegates, representing different organizations, branches and levels of BRM Maturity assembled to explore this question and to identify concrete relationship improvement actions.

Ultimate CISO ebook

Here is your Ultimate IT BRM Job Description


Heller Search Associates and BRM Institute teamed up to create The Ultimate IT BRM Job Description to help CIOs, CEOs and their HR and talent acquisition partners produce a definitive profile of an executive who will maximize the convergence of IT and business, and fulfill on the promise of business relationship management.

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