Business Relationship Management Research

Ethics Survey

BRM Ethics Committee Launches Survey


The BRM Code of Ethics is an extension of the BRM Institute’s values and is a foundation for BRM’s long-term success. This committee is working to create and maintain a standard BRM Code of Ethics for the single global BRM community.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Increases the Need for Business Relationship Management


The Industry 4.0 (I4.0) digital revolution is transforming our world and industries. More than ever, CIO’s need to lead the way as businesses grow ever more technological. They need to think offensively about producing value and changes in growth and performance. Leaders that perceive IT as a necessary order-taking center (to be managed as cheaply as possible) make themselves and their organizations obsolete faster than ever.

Value-Focused training

Value-focused at BRMConnect in Portland


Understanding our personal purpose, business purpose, and social impact moves us from cogs in a wheel to master horologists.

Agile vs. BRM: What’s the Difference?


BRM is like the compass, responsible for determining the long-term direction and strategy of the organization to ensure the ship arrives at port. Agile strategies are like the sails, responsible for making quick course adjustments to generate value.

On the Ground: BRM Operations at Purdue


Observing a BRM team actively building strategic relationships with faculties, and generating results was truly inspiring. During the open house, for instance, the BRMs were interacting with researchers, staff and the interim dean. I am sure new ideas were formed about how IT could even do more for the faculty. At the end of the day, I sat down with the team and recorded a podcast episode to be published in the next couple of months.

Gamingworks Simulation

Workshop Simulation: Business & IT Convergence


A recent workshop, hosted by GamingWorks, focused on Business & IT convergence and the capability of BRM. In this workshop, we aimed to surprise and inspire the attendees with events throughout the day to give participants a true understanding of why Business & IT convergence instead of alignment is necessary.


Recognized Value Equals Value Embodied


By defining and understanding Recognized Value, BRMs support their businesses from the foundation to the rafters. A Recognized Value = communicated value + perceived value + measurable value of any process, operation or contribution.


Develop Trust To Build Value


Increasing internal communication is so crucial to increasing value for our partners and their continued trust. When things break down or fail (and they will), trust is damaged, and value is greatly diminished. When we work better together, customers feel safe making more demands because they recognize value and they know, even when something goes wrong, we will learn from it and put measures in place to prevent future occurrences.

Announcing BRM Benchmarking™


This new membership benefit, BRM Benchmarking, along with the consolidated input from our single global BRM community will provide answers to these questions. BRM Benchmarking will provide an interactive tool, with tiered-accessibility based on membership levels, which will allow BRMs to enter data and see real-time comparisons against a selected group of filters.

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