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Evolutionary Leadership

True leaders are adaptable and have a pulse on the environment in which they operate in order to evolve. As the global human population grows exponentially, the need for evolutionary leaders is more critical than ever. Additionally, understanding how to lead people with authenticity is paramount if we aim to foster a more equitable world where everyone has a voice.

What inspires you to follow another human being?

What makes you trust a person enough to say, ‘I would follow them’?

When we all operate cohesively towards a shared purpose, global collaboration for the betterment of society seems ever-more achievable.

But what do the leaders of a more equitable, exceptional society look like?

 Evolutionary leaders know their purpose.


Think of the most inspirational person you know. Do they seem to be self-aware? Can you easily articulate what they believe in?

Likely, both answers would be ‘yes’ because people find inspiration in those they can trust. Evolutionary leaders foster trust through their authentic self when they live by their values, which are often converged with purpose. Then, when those leaders foster a team culture with similar values, it empowers everyone to work with efficiency and purpose.

BRM Tip: Creating your own purpose shield provides a thought-exercise to identify your purpose.

 Evolutionary leaders listen to learn.

An individual understanding of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and purpose does not automatically translate into effective leadership. Some people may work passionately towards a purpose yet still fail to inspire others around them.

Instilling passion relies on the ability to connect with and help others advance their own mission. How can you learn about others if you don’t listen to what they have to say?

“ Even in a world of limitless, instantaneous, global connection, the most powerful mode of communication is that of two people listening.– Melissa Daimler, Talent & Organization Development Strategist


When a leader sits down to listen and help their teammate, that’s great leadership. When two leaders sit down to listen and help each other, that’s evolutionary leadership. The notion of evolutionary leadership converges closely with the tenets of BRM Philosophy, which aims to foster collaborative cultures of shared ownership.

BRM Tip: The next time you listen to a another person, try to identify the idea, feeling, or fear they are sharing with you. Then check your understanding by paraphrasing what they said.

 Evolutionary leaders teach to help others.

As you learn information through listening and convert that information into knowledge, what is the best way to share that knowledge? Naturally, through teaching others what you know.

Today’s innovative organizations stay relevant by creating shadow boards of younger generations to share knowledge with C-level executives. Consequently, when two distinct groups share their complementary knowledge by teaching, perspectives broaden. When perspectives broaden, mutual connection and inspired innovation result.

BRM Tip: Educate yourself on what great leaders do! According to this 10-year, longitudinal study by Harvard Business Review, exceptional leaders form deep, trusting relationships.

Human Connection Empowers Innovation

Contrary to traditional corporate hierarchies, true leadership inspires every individual to safely share their unique knowledge, skills and ideas.

Like a tightly woven tapestry, effective leadership founded on human connection permeates throughout their entire network, empowering others to innovate fearlessly.

Rather than impose their own opinions without listening, connected leaders listen to learn and teach to help. As a result, they establish a collective mentality that we’re all in this together.

Subsequently, the lines between each evolutionary leader evolve into a web of connections that expands as more people share a mutual purpose. When people unite together with trust behind a cause, they often find themselves inspired.

  “What valuable tools can help me cultivate evolutionary leadership?”

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