Take Charge of Your Professional Growth: Expand Your BRM Knowledge in 2021

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No matter the geographical location, many organizations are experiencing financial challenges as a result of the impact of a global pandemic. Unfortunately, funding for professional development is often one of the first items to be reduced or removed from the budget.

Don’t worry! Even if your organization cuts back on training or other educational opportunities, there are many ways for you to continue to expand your Business Relationship Management (BRM) knowledge and achieve your goals for the New Year!

You don’t need to have a big travel budget to continue your professional development, even in a pandemic. Here are several ways to invest in building your own skills and expanding BRM knowledge.

BRM Virtual Online & E-Learning Courses
  • Virtual courses allow for the course to be taken from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of any location that has an internet connection. Join a virtual classroom led by an instructor!
  • E-Learning courses allow for complete flexibility on when and where you learn, providing a self-paced learning format. Discover what BRM Institute currently offers for e-learning courses and self-paced options!
Live and Recorded BRM Webinars
  • Live webinars provide a great way to connect with knowledgeable professionals and often times you can ask them questions directly. That is the case with many of BRM Institute’s hosted webinars. Check the calendar for upcoming webinars in our ongoing series!
  • If you see a webinar you’d like to attend, but have a schedule conflict, register anyway! You’ll often receive a recording after the live webinar has taken place. BRM Institute knows how valuable this content is long after the live event has aired. For that reason, BRM Institute professional members have exclusive access to the Webinar Symposium, a complete list of all previously aired webinars.
    Not a member yet? You can peruse and access some of the previously aired webinars here.
Download and Read High-Demand BRM Publications
  • Browse BRM Institute’s marketplace of industry-leading publications, including eBooks and white papers. There, you’ll discover topics like:
  • Explore high-demand BRM knowledge conveniently collected here for you! Gain access to research-based case studies, white papers, and thought-leadership articles.
  • Professional members benefit from access to the BRM Interactive Body of Knowledge. There, you’ll find a continuously evolving body of frameworks, models, concepts, techniques and information useful to those interested in the Business Relationship Management (BRM) role or organizational capability.
Seek Out BRM Mentors and Coaches
  • One of the most powerful ways you can propel yourself forward to achieve your biggest dreams is to seek out professional mentors and/or coaches who can support, encourage, and guide you where you may lack experience or knowledge. Read this powerful personal story of how Glenn’s relationships greatly contributed to his journey to achieve his goal of becoming Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • BRM Institute offers multiple paths for you to experience the lasting impact of partnering relationships with the single, global BRM community. For you, it could be through volunteering, or networking virtually in the Online Campus or through social channels. Discover how you can find mentoring or coaching relationships within this very special community!

Register for BRMConnect Virtual 2021

This past August, over 400 BRMs from all across the globe poured into the colorful Welcome Area at BRMConnect Virtual 2020. First-time attendees and BRMConnect “lifers” alike accessed their event agenda, session reminders, the resource center and so much more literally at their fingertips. It’s what you would hope for from the World BRMConnect Conference, but for the first time ever, the experience was completely virtual!


If you weren’t able to participate in the annually-anticipated BRMConnect Virtual, take a peek at some of the stellar keynote speakers that inspired audiences across the globe:

If your organization still has the funds allocated for professional development events, then spend what remains of your PD budget before it’s too late! Unspent budget money is commonly lost or overlooked toward the end of every year and can end up as the perfect candidate for next year’s cuts.

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