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BRM Benchmarking

BRM Benchmarking® – Your Measuring Tool for Success


This new membership benefit, BRM Benchmarking, along with the consolidated input from our single global BRM community will provide answers to these questions. BRM Benchmarking will provide an interactive tool, with tiered-accessibility based on membership levels, which will allow BRMs to enter data and see real-time comparisons against a selected group of filters.


Attitude, Behavior, Culture: The ABCs of Organizational Change


An individual’s attitude shapes their habits and behavior. And group behavior ultimately influences an organization’s culture. So, to improve your culture, you must first focus on changing people’s attitudes.

BRM Code of Ethics

BRM Code of Ethics is Here!


Over the past few months, a group of volunteers from the BRM Institute Professional Member community worked diligently to produce the final BRM Code of Ethics. The main objective and purpose for the code’s generation: to provide BRMs inspiration, professional standards and support on their BRM journey.

Connect at BRMConnect

Connect at BRMConnect


Join us at our World BRMConnect Conference, where attendees from all around the globe gather to discuss challenges, share successes, and build a sense of common purpose around their strategic mindset to set them up for success.


Announcing New Regional Ambassador to India


As a Regional Ambassador to India, Avinash aims to promulgate Business Relationship Management discipline in one of the leading IT Hubs of the world; India. He will leverage the existing Fox IT customer base, BRM community, CXO community, relevant industry associations and partners to expand BRM’s awareness and adoption.

Journey of BRM: Purdue Part 1


Introducing BRM in an operational-focused organization can be viewed as overhead or duplication of effort. As I began to develop this program, it was apparent that I needed to create a new level of transparency around the work. If the BRM program was going to show value, even at an early, tactical stage, we were going to have to provide metrics.

Drive Value, Build Partnerships, Evolve Culture

CULTURE | Why It Concerns You


So I think empathy, honesty, integrity, transparency…that these are the BEHAVIORS that evoke a sense of SAFETY promoting TRUST promoting RELATIONSHIPS to achieve share PURPOSE. That these are the BEHAVIORS that need to be weaved into a CULTURE OF TRUST.

Is Information Technology an Outdated Title?


The BRM Institute Online Campus (the best place to go for relevant discussions of Business Relationship Management worldwide) recently hosted a spirited conversation inspired by a question from one of Business Relationship Management (BRM) Institute’s members.

Ethics Survey

BRM Ethics Committee Launches Survey


The BRM Code of Ethics is an extension of the BRM Institute’s values and is a foundation for BRM’s long-term success. This committee is working to create and maintain a standard BRM Code of Ethics for the single global BRM community.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Increases the Need for Business Relationship Management


The Industry 4.0 (I4.0) digital revolution is transforming our world and industries. More than ever, CIO’s need to lead the way as businesses grow ever more technological. They need to think offensively about producing value and changes in growth and performance. Leaders that perceive IT as a necessary order-taking center (to be managed as cheaply as possible) make themselves and their organizations obsolete faster than ever.

Value Focused 1

Value-focused at BRMConnect in Portland


Understanding our personal purpose, business purpose, and social impact moves us from cogs in a wheel to master horologists.

Agile vs. BRM: What’s the Difference?


BRM is like the compass, responsible for determining the long-term direction and strategy of the organization to ensure the ship arrives at port. Agile strategies are like the sails, responsible for making quick course adjustments to generate value.

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