BRM Institute Team

The BRM Institute leadership team represents professional and corporate members from around the globe and possesses deep Business Relationship Management domain knowledge. Together, the team brings diverse leadership experience to the table, including business units and teams within leading organizations, advisory boards, and nonprofit associations.

Roy Youngman

Knowledge Team Secretary and BRM Institute Professional Value Leader

Aaron Barnes, CBRM

BRM Institute Executive Council member, Knowledge Team Leader, Board Director, CEO and Co-founder of BRM Institute

Kayla Barnes, BRMP

Chief Marketing Officer + Chief Information Officer

Danielle Dizes

Content Strategist / Editor / Writer

Marleen Lundy

Knowledge Team Leader and BRM Institute Chief Development Officer

Meriah Barnes, BRMP

CFO, COO, VP Membership Success

Melissa Bontrager

Value Leader – Program/Project Manager

Simab Raja-Ahmad

Registered Provider Relationships

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