Roy Youngman

Chief Membership Officer (CMO)

Roy Youngman distinguished career of over 35 years has touched all aspects of information management, both as an IT executive and as a well-respected management consultant. He is creative and passionate about quality and architecture, particularly in the field of knowledge management. Roy introduced and championed the discipline of knowledge coordination at a Big 6 consulting firm and later designed a collaborative platform for knowledge management to help businesses discover, codify, and nurture their intrinsic knowledge from all sources. As an experienced and certified organizational change manager, Roy has helped dozens of businesses through the cultural transformation often required to successfully bring in innovative ideas, including knowledge management and business relationship management best practices.
In addition to over 15 years of management consulting, Roy was the CTO at a 1,800 store multi-unit retail chain, the VP of Development at multiple commercial software companies, and the Data Manager of a fully-integrated petroleum company. He has considerable experience developing business partnerships, shaping business demand, building business/IT strategies, and tracking the business value realized on investments. His role with BRM Institute is to continuously improve and innovate our knowledge and knowledge management processes in a way that constantly enhances the experience of our members.

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