Expanding Horizons for Professionals Worldwide: The BRMP® Textbook Now Available in 5 Languages

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Today marks a significant milestone for the single, global BRM community as BRM Institute announces the release of five newly translated BRMP® Textbooks.


This expansion ensures that professionals from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access vital knowledge and resources, breaking down language barriers and fostering a more inclusive learning environment.

As the demand for Business Relationship Management continues to grow worldwide, these translations empower practitioners everywhere to enhance their skills and contribute to the global exchange of best practices. For greater convenience, these publications are available in both Kindle e-Book format and Paperback format on Amazon!

The BRMP Textbooks are now available in the following languages..






Click on the language and follow the link to Amazon!

Enhance Your Expertise

BRM is flourishing across the globe, evolving organizations into vehicles that converge individual purpose into a greater shared purpose to generate infinite value and optimized societal results. Now with the BRMP Textbooks translated in your primary language, you can enhance your BRM expertise with greater confidence!

Recognizing the increasing need for BRM expertise, BRM Institute is committed to continuing translation efforts, ensuring that valuable knowledge, techniques, and strategies are accessible to all, no matter where they are located.


Naturally, we look forward to exciting developments and new languages yet to come!

BRMP Translated Textbooks are brought to you with help from these translators

Miguel Cockburn

Luca Gambetti

Maria Rickli

Koji Shiota


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