Volunteers Make the World Brighter: April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

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As April unfolds, we step into a month dedicated to acknowledging the immeasurable impact of volunteers worldwide.

Volunteer Appreciation Month is the perfect opportunity to highlight the dedicated individuals who are the backbone of the single, global BRM community, and it’s their enthusiasm that propels the BRM discipline forward into new horizons.

BRM Institute volunteers dedicate their time, their knowledge and expertise, as well as their passion to fuel the growth of BRM across the globe. These volunteers tirelessly champion the principles of BRM, and in doing so, nurture a global network of professionals dedicated to fostering strategic partnerships, partnerships which ultimately pave the way from untapped value, into realized value. 

Glenn Remoreras, CIO Mark Anthony Group

One way to expand your network is to give your time. Volunteer and mentor others. In giving back, you will receive. You sharpen your knowledge by learning from others. Look for opportunities to give your time and volunteer, in my experience- the return will surprise you

The invaluable contributions of volunteers has an immediate impact on the community as shown by their contributions to the BRM Purpose to Practice playbook series as well as the BRM Body of Knowledge. Without their efforts, such resources would not be possible. Volunteers push knowledge forward, elevating our understanding and application of BRM to new heights.

Volunteers inspire, envision, and more importantly, volunteers help shape a better tomorrow. BRM Institute volunteers drive positive change and leave an enduring mark on the world of business and beyond.

Together, let’s honor and celebrate volunteers for all that they do! Here’s to every volunteer, past and present, for your unparalleled impact on the single, global BRM community: Thank You! 



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