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BRM Institute Supports and Encourages Lifelong Learning and Welcomes Students and Academics!


BRM Institute offers two continuing education incentive programs to support global BRM community and lifelong learning. The newly expanded and rebranded Academic Membership (formerly “Student Membership”), now includes not only full-time, but also part-time students and faculty members. BRM Institute welcomes students and faculty members of accredited universities! To be eligible for the Academic Membership, as a student, you […]

Frank Wander — April 2015 Member Spotlight


Former CIO, current CEO of PeopleProductive and BRM Institute Executive Council member Frank Wander has spent plenty of time in the IT industry. When he’s not spending time with family or sampling wines in a French parlour-like setting discussing an array of topics with his friends, the social Wander keeps his relationships a top priority both […]

Kim Longmuir — March 2015 Member Spotlight


How did your path to business relationship management unveil? It all started when I was in Business Advisory Services in Finance, which was really a BRM role though it was not branded in those terms. I spent five years building a relationship with Information Technology and became the Finance trusted advisor for the IT Executive. When IT […]

The BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge Is Released in Paperback


In response to the growing demand for our core Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) professional development and certification course reference, a hard copy version of The BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge is now available in paperback.   What is BRMP®? Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) training is a world-class professional development program […]

Jeremy Byrne — February 2015 Member Spotlight


How did you get into business relationship management? I worked my way around the technical teams within the IT Department at the University, moving from Desktop Support to Developer to Server Administrator. With always having an emphatic view point, I was often the point of customer engagement and ended up in an account manager role where […]

An Unbeatable Value


Whether you are just embarking on the exciting journey of becoming a business relationship manager or are an expert BRM practitioner, who can spot great [business] value from miles and years away, you should appreciate this incredible opportunity. Service Management Art, one of our leading accredited training organizations, will be offering our highly popular and […]

BRM Institute Announces the Expansion of its Exclusive Members-only “BRMs Developing BRMs” Communities of Interest Program


Following a successful launch and in response to growing demand, Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) announced an expansion to its exclusive members-only “BRMs Developing BRMs™” Communities of Interest program. Communities of Interest aim to give the Institute’s members representing particular industries, geographies, or sharing common professional interests an effective platform for online discussions, collaboration, […]

Arnie Wetherill — January 2015 Member Spotlight


How did you get into business relationship management? I work in a large IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) organization that transformed from a technology, silo-based structure to a service-focused structure about two years ago. As part of the reorganization, we incorporated a new role of business relationship manager into our organization. Based on my communications […]

Join our exclusive BRM Explorers community to stay informed about the latest BRM trends, innovations, and events!


Thousands of commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world are implementing Business Relationship Management (BRM) capabilities. Formalized BRM roles are rapidly becoming an essential part and a new golden standard of effective business partner-provider relationships. Become a member of our rapidly growing BRM Explorers™ community today and join leading business executive professionals around the […]

BRM Institute Announces the Formation of the Business Relationship Management (BRM) Council


Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) announced today the formation of the BRM Council, an independent advisory group of business relationship managers from around the globe. New York, New York, December 22, 2014 – Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) announced the formation of the BRM Council, an independent advisory group of business relationship managers […]

BRMs Developing BRMs™ Mentoring


BRM Institute’s New Exclusive Members-Only Program Designed to Strengthen Business Relationship Capability Through Mentoring Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) is proud to announce “BRMs Developing BRMS,” a BRM leadership development program available exclusively for BRM Institute members. The first program to launch under the BRMs Developing BRMs™ banner is Mentoring. Mentoring is an exciting […]

Thank You for Your Support!


Today, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday and a joyful expression of gratitude that many Americans celebrate with their families. For someone like me, a first-generation immigrant, Thanksgiving is a time, when my family joins around the holiday table to reflect on and celebrate the many opportunities we have been blessed with. Since […]

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