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BRM Institute Announces the Expansion of its Exclusive Members-only “BRMs Developing BRMs” Communities of Interest Program


Following a successful launch and in response to growing demand, Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) announced an expansion to its exclusive members-only “BRMs Developing BRMs™” Communities of Interest program. Communities of Interest aim to give the Institute’s members representing particular industries, geographies, or sharing common professional interests an effective platform for online discussions, collaboration, […]

Arnie Wetherill — January 2015 Member Spotlight


How did you get into business relationship management? I work in a large IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) organization that transformed from a technology, silo-based structure to a service-focused structure about two years ago. As part of the reorganization, we incorporated a new role of business relationship manager into our organization. Based on my communications […]

Join our exclusive BRM Explorers community to stay informed about the latest BRM trends, innovations, and events!


Thousands of commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world are implementing Business Relationship Management (BRM) capabilities. Formalized BRM roles are rapidly becoming an essential part and a new golden standard of effective business partner-provider relationships. Become a member of our rapidly growing BRM Explorers™ community today and join leading business executive professionals around the […]

BRM Institute Announces the Formation of the Business Relationship Management (BRM) Council


Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) announced today the formation of the BRM Council, an independent advisory group of business relationship managers from around the globe. New York, New York, December 22, 2014 – Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) announced the formation of the BRM Council, an independent advisory group of business relationship managers […]

BRMs Developing BRMs™ Mentoring


BRM Institute’s New Exclusive Members-Only Program Designed to Strengthen Business Relationship Capability Through Mentoring Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) is proud to announce “BRMs Developing BRMS,” a BRM leadership development program available exclusively for BRM Institute members. The first program to launch under the BRMs Developing BRMs™ banner is Mentoring. Mentoring is an exciting […]

Thank You for Your Support!


Today, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday and a joyful expression of gratitude that many Americans celebrate with their families. For someone like me, a first-generation immigrant, Thanksgiving is a time, when my family joins around the holiday table to reflect on and celebrate the many opportunities we have been blessed with. Since […]

Setting the Global Standard for Business Relationship Management and Business Partner Collaboration


We have set the standard for global Business Relationship Management and Business Partner Collaboration In just over a 1.5 years, over 700 professional members in 37 countries have joined the Institute and taken advantage of the great content in the Business Relationship Management Interactive Body of Knowledge (BRMIBoK™) and the rewarding networking opportunities inside the […]

BRM Institute announces Platinum Sponsorship from CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (LEF)


Since its first days, we, at Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute), have always been looking for and establishing partnerships with select organizations that share our passion for the Business Relationship Management (BRM) discipline and help us better serve the global BRM community. It is our pleasure to announce that CSC’s Leading Edge Forum (CSC […]

BRM Institute Website Under Attack by Cyber Criminals


Today, a 1,000-node-strong botnet operated by unknown cyber criminals began flooding our web server with bogus content requests bringing our website down for several hours. Although the attack is still in progress, thanks to our ISP support, the rogue internet traffic has been brought under control enough to restore access to our website. We have […]

BRM Institute email to use the new BRM.INSTITUTE domain name


If you have been keeping an eye on the recent developments in the internet domain naming standards, you know that they are undergoing an explosive expansion, thanks to the ICANN’s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approval of hundreds of new gTLDs (or “Generic TLDs”) in addition to the well-established .COM, .ORG, etc. .INSTITUTE […]

BRM Institute Executive Council Established


It is my great pleasure to announce the formation of the BRM Institute Executive Council. The BRM Institute Executive Council is an advisory team consisting of past or present C-level business executives from leading organizations around the globe, who have a proven expertise in implementing and maximizing the Business Relationship Management capability, share a passion, […]

A Year Ago Today… Our BRM Institute Community and Giving Back to the BRM Profession


Today, One Year Ago Today, Business Relationship Management Institute (BRM Institute) celebrates our one year anniversary of opening BRM Institute community membership enrollment; Today, on behalf of everyone at BRM Institute and the many passionate volunteers, who made it possible, I honor the Business Relationship Management (BRM) pioneers. They are the dedicated men and women, […]

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