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Announcing BRMI Advisory Committee


We are pleased to announce the formation of the Business Relationship Management Institute’s Advisory Committee comprising a cross-section of BRM Institute membership. The Advisory Committee represents professional and corporate members from around the globe, with diverse experience including advisory boards, non-profit associations and deep business relationship management domain knowledge. The Committee was created to help BRM Institute Board in […]

Business Relationship Manager Roundtable Webinar – July 26, 9AM-10AM EST


We are very much looking forward to our next BRM Institute webinar, scheduled for July 26, from 9AM to 10AM EST—this time featuring several seasoned Business Relationship Management practitioners who will examine the following topics: How the Business Relationship Manager Can Make a Difference — The panel will discuss ways they have been able to […]

Challenges and Implications of the BRM Role – Webinar – May 17, 2013


Don’t miss our next webinar this Friday, May 17, 2013, 12:00PM-1:00PM EST! The second installment in our monthly webinar series is dedicated to Challenges and Implications of the BRM Role. The 60-minute overview will  will examine the following topics: BRM and Business-Provider Maturity The goals, needs and challenges faced by the BRM change as both […]

Building a Strong Community for the Business Relationship Manager


What an amazing show of support for the Business Relationship Management Institute we have received since opening the doors! The most common comment, “It is so exciting that finally there is a professional association supporting the BRM (Business Relationship Manager) role.”  BRMs, I can tell you, you are no longer on an island. BRM Institute members now […]

BRM Institute Is Open For Membership!


We are excited to announce that Business Relationship Management Institute is now open for membership and Webinar registration. As a member of BRM Institute, you will be able to participate in the development and promotion of the role and profession of Business Relationship Management, have access to a Wiki and collaboration platform featuring the BRM […]

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