Challenges and Implications of the BRM Role – Webinar – May 17, 2013

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Don’t miss our next webinar this Friday, May 17, 2013, 12:00PM-1:00PM EST! The second installment in our monthly webinar series is dedicated to Challenges and Implications of the BRM Role.

The 60-minute overview will  will examine the following topics:BRM Institute Webinar

  • BRM and Business-Provider Maturity
    The goals, needs and challenges faced by the BRM change as both business demand maturity and provider supply maturity   increase. We will review how these changes in maturity affect the BRM role.
  • Assessing Your Maturity Context
    Knowing your context in terms of maturity and how it is evolving over time is key to aligning the goals, roles and competencies of the BRM. We will explore a simple diagnostic that can help you clarify both the maturity of your provider supply capabilities and of business demand for the provider’s products and services.
  • Types of Business-Provider Relationship
    The goals, nature and style of the BRM’s relationship with their business partner evolves with changing business demand and provider supply maturity. Mismatches between the relationship style and the maturity of the environment within which that relationship operates can significantly damage the BRM’s ability to add value. We will examine the types of business-provider relationship and discuss how to calibrate these depending on environment maturity.

This webinar is free for BRM Institute members or $95 for non-members. If you wish to become a member to attend this and all other webinars we may offer for free, please purchase a membership first to gain access to the members-only webinar registration option.

For more information please visit our events overview page.

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