Knowledge Team

The BRM Institute Knowledge Team (BRM Institute KT) is composed of BRM thought leaders joined together to develop BRM standards that satisfy purpose, evolve culture, build partnership and drive value to the global BRM community through “knowledge.” BRM Institute KT members are role models that inspire a desire to learn. They are strong advocates to the continuous development of the BRM Body of Knowledge, knowledge management processes and architecture.

BRM Institute KT works in tandem with Knowledge Management Team who is responsible to enable and execute the BRM Institute’s Knowledge Management processes and architecture.

Sherri Lilley

Knowledge Team Member

Malini Jayaganesh

Knowledge Team Member

Terry Krafthefer

Knowledge Team Member

Samantha Collier

Manager, Lifelong Learning and Development

Yinka Ajede

Knowledge Team Member

Chameka Amerson

Knowledge Team Vice Chair | United States

Leanne McGiveron, CBRM

Knowledge Team Member | United States

Miguel Cockburn, CBRM

Knowledge Team Secretary | South America

Aaron Barnes, MBRM

CEO, Co-founder of BRM Institute, Board Director

Derek Storbakken, CBRM

Knowledge Team Member | Canada

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