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You Can Lead the Way: Call for BRMConnect Storytellers

Storytellers not only inspire, but also provide attendees with valuable insights on how to build a successful BRM team, overcome specific challenges, and achieve success faster than if you were to go it alone. So don’t hesitate – join us as a BRMConnect Storyteller and help us build a stronger, more connected community of BRM professionals.

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Your BRM Superpower


Right out of the gate, day two of BRMConnect is looking just as promising as day one! Darrel Popowich, from Online Business Systems, broke down the power behind evaluating relationships in his general session titled “Your BRM Superpower.”

Collaboration as a Strategy


If attendees missed last year’s session, it didn’t sway them from attending this year’s session. Thankfully, she recapped Part 1 with the same vigor and passion as she seamlessly weaved Part 2 into the fabric of her charming storytelling ability.

Announcing the 2022 Global BRM Community Excellence Award Winners


We are excited to announce this year’s Global Excellence Award Winners, the most prestigious awards in the BRM community. Recipients of this year’s awards were nominated by their peers for outstanding service to the BRM community. Please join us in celebrating them at the 2022 World BRMConnect Conference

One Team, One Dream


It’s only day one of BRMConnect in San Antonio, and we are teeming with the dynamic energy of Kip Fanta’s session, “One Team One Dream!” His session was spot on with a focus on mindsets, behaviors, and skills to help you evolve the culture of your team and the organization.

Demand Management: BRMs as Marketers


We discovered how marketing generates great ideas and drives opportunity where value is identified and retained. We also heard about the useful tools to hone your BRM skills as you move from development to launch. It was easy to take to heart that BRMs are the greatest influence over the relationship and, therefore, are responsible for the value that the relationship creates.

The 2022 World BRMConnect Conference: Stronger Together


Have we forgotten the power of being stronger together? I don’t think so. We just need that little nudge to be reminded that when we come together to build relationships, respect diversity, and connect with each other, we become stronger together!

Countdown to BRMConnect 2022


With less than four weeks to go before BRMConnect 2022, we thought we’d highlight some exciting events taking place. There is so much going on—before, during, and after BRMConnect—from certification courses and book signings to workshops and meet and greets. BRMConnect 2022 is promising to be the premier BRM event of the year!

San Antonio State of Mind: Things to Do


Never been here before? Well, we’re fixin’ to show you all the fun stuff you can do down on the ol’ River Walk and around San Antonio, Texas!

Honor a Standout BRM


The #BRMLegends awards are the BRM profession’s highest honor, in recognition of how professionals (both individually and teams) strengthen the global community and business environment. These outstanding professionals enrich the lives of others through excellence in BRM and their contributions to the community make a lasting and meaningful impact! These standout BRMs are announced at the World BRMConnect Conference each year as we celebrate all the work they’ve done to advance Business Relationship Management worldwide.

Who Will Host the 2022 World BRMConnect® Conference?


For the first time ever, BRM Institute Presents The BRMConnect MC Challenge!
Attendees have come to know, BRM Institute’s Chief Development Officer, Marleen LaMont as the Master of Ceremonies during The World BRMConnect Conference, with her warm personality and quick wit, she’s well loved by the global BRM community.
This year and for the first time ever, BRM Institute presents the BRMConnect MC Challenge! The newcomer, Andrea Pence is challenging Marleen for the title of MC during The 2022 World BRMConnect Conference!
With her passion for people, growing relationships, and love of community- Andrea will share her BRM knowledge and expertise during a fun, lightening round session between these two contenders.
Get to know Andrea and Marleen during their interview recap, watch the lightening round of questions and find out WHO will host the 2022 World BRMConnect Conference in San Antonio this year!

Your Tribe is Here: Who Attends BRMConnect?


Business relationship management is so powerful that it is not simply a role. It’s a role, a philosophy, and a capability! That means…it’s adaptable to anyone, anywhere, and in any role or industry. You might be wondering, “Is this the right event for me?” and the answer is simple. Relationships are everything…and BRM connects those relationships to deliverable results. Every organization in the world can benefit from the impact of better relationships. Increased collaboration, better employee retention and satisfaction, innovation, and value delivery are all direct results of improving relationships within your organization.

The Value of BRMConnect: Why Attend?


As a BRM, you’re a lifelong learner. Hungry for growth, you’re constantly seeking out ways to advance your knowledge and improve your capability. When you’re sharpening your skills, or developing a new one, one of the most important steps you can take is to invest in yourself through advanced learning. Investing in your professional development will boost your market value and prove that you can deliver greater impact from your relationships!

BRMConnect Will Be Livestreaming!


We invite you to join this high-energy annual conference to experience the best learning and networking event in the industry! This fun networking and learning event will help professionals take their BRM capability and role to the next level. BRMConnect 2022 will be available in-person in San Antonio, Texas, and virtually from the comfort of your home. Wherever you are around the world, you’ll come away from this experience with resources you can apply to your profession immediately!

Now-to-New: How BRM Can Innovate Organizational Change


As BRMs, we know that we will always be flexible and available to pivot when necessary. We also know that since our quest to harness value is never-ending, we will always be in the flux of change, and we will always have a static “now” which will evolve into “new” when changes are implemented…which is a cycle that will always continue.

BRMConnect San Antonio 2022

It’s Time to Register for BRMConnect 2022!


This October 4th and 5th, BRMs from around the globe will converge in beautiful San Antonio, and once we’re done with it, Texas might never be the same! With phenomenal speakers to inspire us, workshops that add to our skillsets, and one-on-one complimentary coaching sessions, BRMConnect is the “can’t miss” event of the year! Relationships are everything- and the skills taught at BRMConnect are transferable to any role, any position, and any organization!

What Is Esprit de BRM?


From work life to personal relationships to achieving personal goals and aspirations, the BRM mindset can advance every facet of our lives.

It’s a lofty promise, but we stand behind it, and here’s why: In any situation, a positive result can be reached quicker and more efficiently if all parties involved communicate effectively, are focused on the same issue, and share the same purpose.

But wait. We all come from different backgrounds, live in different cultures, and have different priorities. How in the world can we all come together with one mind and share one unified purpose?

Esprit de BRM…or the spirit of BRM

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