The Key to Thrive: Jeremy Semmelroth, BRMP, Weighs In


The Key to Thrive: Real BRMs Weigh In to discuss the tools, techniques and resources that helped them advance their BRM role. Read the full article to learn what they revealed.

Before BRMConnect:Things to do in Philadelphia


As you know, BRM Connect is coming up quickly! This year, it’s being held in beautiful, historic Philadelphia at the Franklin Institute. Franklin Institute.This amazing Science science Institute institute is a must-see for anyone, so be sure to include time to browse their exhibits and fun offerings!

The Ultimate Differentiator: Why BRM Matters


We live in a world of change. Maintaining the status quo simply does not work. Successful organizations are always looking forward and not back. They always seek better ways of doing things, new ways to attract and retain customers, and opportunities to lead their industry. Successful organizations invest in the areas of the organization that can help lead them down this path. They invest in the differentiators. BRM is the ultimate differentiator.

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