BRMConnect Keynote: Leadership as Practice in the Relationship Centered Organization

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Baziel Barends, director at Radishweed Consulting, kicked off BRMConnect 2021 in a rousing opening keynote, focusing on leadership as practice in the relationship-centered organization.  In his keynote address, Baziel asked the very insightful questions, “What is the elevator speech of your life? What is your purpose?” Knowing the answers will further your ability to be a great leader. When employees are thriving with their own story and purpose, it benefits everyone. Team members will have more energy and motivation, which propels the organization forward.


When employees are satisfied and content at work, it bleeds into the other aspects of their lives as well. No matter your title in your organization, you can be leaderful in your actions, which advances the BRM capability. Great leaders will consider the four C’s of leadership as they maneuver through their leadership roles, which include: 

  • CompassionateAre you compassionate in your actions?
  • CollaborativeAre you open to working together, or do you live in a silo?
  • ConnectiveDo you do things for the good of the whole?
  • ConcurrencyDo you allow others to exercise leadership with you at any given moment?

Supporting questions: is the overall environment in my organization leaderful?

Look around at meetings…who among you is leaderful? Which elements are not? Strive to bridge those gaps and evolve culture in your organization to become more relationship-centered and leaderful.

 As BRMs, we understand leadership. We understand the art of the moment. We are leaderful in our behavior, and we are more effective in each moment. Leadership as practice can change the world. 

 Consider these important factors as you strive to fulfill your BRM role and your quest to evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose.

Baziel’s session will be available on-demand if you missed it.

After you watch, tell us what you think on any social media platform…simply use the hashtag #BRMConnect.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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