The Strength in Storytelling

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Storytelling is one of the oldest and most effective ways to impart information, and effective BRMs will use this skill as they work with their partners to evolve culture within their organization.

As we began Day 3 of the 2021 BRMConnect World Conference, we were most fortunate to have storyteller Debra Ialamov, the lead global IT PMO and technology BRM for clinical supply services at Catalent, to wake up our brains as she led her session, “Creating Deeper Connections Through Storytelling.”

While sharing captivating stories to provide context, Debra furnished attendees with a wealth of information and examples about capturing our audience’s attention from the start and using their time wisely once you have it.

Useful takeaways included:

· Even though it can be challenging, storytellers should be true to themselves, share their emotions, and be unafraid to show vulnerability.

· Stories are more than just entertaining; they should also lead and instruct.

· Believe in your mission as a storyteller, and lead your listeners to action.

· Tailor your story to fit the occasion and the listeners.

· Start with a “boom” statement that grabs attention—or almost shocks —your audience into listening.


Debra ended with a reminder that meaningful stories can increase a listener’s retention of important information, and she challenged the audience in the coming week to consider where and how they can use stories to effectively convey messages.

If you weren’t able to attend this session, it is now available on demand.

Tell us, and the global BRM community, what you appreciated and learned from Debra’s session simply by using #BRMConnect.

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About the Storyteller

Debra is the Director, Global IT PMO and the IT BRM for Clinical Supply Services at Catalent. Catalent provide integrated services, drug delivery technologies and manufacturing solutions to help life sciences innovators develop and launch successful pharmaceuticals, biologics and consumer health products. Prior to joining Catalent, Debra held IT leadership positions in a variety of industries including legal, retail, executive recruitment, news media and records management. Throughout her career she has focused on disciplines that help connect business and IT teams including IT Service Management, Process Management, Project Management and Business Relationship Management. Debra is passionate about helping team members find meaning in their work, and helping them connect effectively with their business partners to solve challenging business problems.

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