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The Case for BRM: Example Scenarios


by Joe Topinka The following are examples of real-world scenarios that paved the way for the BRM role at three different companies. This is a companion white-paper to The Case for BRM: A Practical Framework for Your CEO Conversation. Use this document to guide your BRM Capabilities business case. Each of the following scenarios leverages field […]

Adopting the BRM Capability at the University of Oxford’s IT Services


  by Tony Brett Back in August, I had the pleasure of taking the Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP) foundation course, and followed by passing the exam a few weeks later. It was especially helpful to complete this online course alongside a colleague, as we had plenty of opportunity to reflect on how the topics […]

How can the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role help facilitate innovation within Business Operations and Business Functions (IT, HR, Finance, etc.)?


The BRM is fundamental to business convergence, helping to bring together business operations and business functions at a strategic level. Leading organizations are now eliminating the service silos of yesterday, empowering business functions such as IT, HR, finance and the other departments to share accountability for strategy and business value through a teamed approach to […]

Delivering Value in Every Interaction as a BRM


by Ibrahim Jackson, Regional Director, Leading Edge Forum In many organizations, BRMs are forced to do a balancing act to deliver value, as different business disciplines have varied expectations of what drives value. In this article, I discuss how to enhance your interactions with business leaders to strengthen the realization of value. When there is sufficient demand, […]

The Case for BRM: A Practical Framework for Your CEO Conversation


by Joe Topinka Getting your company’s BRM capability off the ground takes planning, patience, and perseverance. Successful BRM programs are game-changing for companies that get it right, but planning and preparation are essential to getting your program off to the right start. Get comfortable with the notion that you will be playing the role of […]

The Arnie Wetherill Mentoring Experience


by Matt Masullo, BRMP, Penn State University On July 1st of this year, I embarked on yet another journey in my role as a BRM: the BRM Institute Mentor/Mentee program with my mentor, Arnie Wetherill. Since day one, it has been a blessing to have the opportunity to meet and learn from an established BRM […]

Announcing BRMConnect 2016


Today, we are proud to publicly announce the BRMConnect locations and timeframes for 2016! BRMConnect is the world’s one and only networking and professional development events series for Business Relationship Managers. Last year, we had such a fantastic time at the world’s very first BRMConnect conference in Portland, OR that we sold out, and we […]

The Unflappable BRM


I was recently reminded of the importance of keeping a cool head during stressful situations  while reading articles about the new CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. One story that went viral on the internet was the “cockroach story” he supposedly delivered at a recent speech. I say “supposedly,” as the story is at least four […]

BRM Value: What It Means to You and Your Organization


by Arnie Wetherill When we think about the value of the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) role, what often comes to mind immediately are “Delivering Value” and “Measuring Value.” While these are key aspects of the BRM role, there is another aspect of value that is often overlooked: the value of the role to your organization, […]

Business Analysts and Business Relationship Managers – Working Together to Achieve Common Goals


While attending the first BRM conference, BRMConnect, earlier this year, I facilitated a discussion along with Alicia Cook and Jas Phul on the interactions between Business Analysts (BAs), Project Managers (PMs), Enterprise Analysis (EAs), and Business Relationship Managers (BRMs). After the presentation, many BRMs approached me to discuss the opportunities they face working with BAs. […]

BRMConnect 2015: Where Business Value Leaders Meet


Business leaders, accomplished BRM practitioners, and industry experts from around the globe are converging in Portland, OR this week to attend BRMConnect 2015, the world’s very first and highly anticipated conference for Business Relationship Managers (BRMs). The conference attendees are gathering to exchange ideas and learn how to best leverage a BRM capability to foster […]

Process, Data, and Technology Strategy Planning: Achieving Excellence and Insights


Mike Bruggeman, Global IT, Cargill “Process, Data, and Technology Strategy Planning: Achieving Excellence and Insights” Interactive Session BRMConnect 2015 Wednesday May 27 – 2:45 – 3:15 PM During this interactive session, Mike will introduce the PDT Strategy development process, and will provide the background on why this is done, the value to the business, a […]

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