Inspire the World Together with Shared Ownership

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Inspire the World through BRM

Every day, people like yourself make monumental efforts towards driving organizational value around the world. By adhering to the principle of trust, believing in the power of relationships, and working towards a shared purpose, business relationship managers (BRMs) collectively inspire the world.

The Inspiring the World Through BRM series highlighted standout BRMs who went above and beyond their normal role to drive impactful change via the BRM Philosophy. A special thanks to Jeremy Byrne, Maureen Jesuthasan, Annette Nirode, Chris McCluskey, and Cindy Heath for sharing their BRM accomplishments with the world.

Connected by Common Threads

While each one of these BRMs drove value in their own unique way, a closer inspection revealed three common factors that helped each find success.

Relationships, Inspiration, and Shared Ownership.

First, each BRM points to their valuable relationships in the BRM Professional Network. Consistently, this global community provides them with the knowledge, resources, and inspiration necessary to succeed. Plus, it’s great to know that fellow BRMs always have your back!

Second, every BRM mentioned BRMConnect as the one event that remained invaluable to their success. Whether it was the most influential event of their career, or simply sparked their inspiration, BRMConnect is one experience shared by all exceptional BRMs.

Finally, onto perhaps the most pivotal tool in the BRM toolkit…shared ownership.

Shared Ownership Drives a Better World

Whether it’s building schools in impoverished countries, or running a successful restaurant chain, every human possesses their own personal purpose. Individually, with enough drive, we can likely accomplish our goals.

However, even greater remains the fact that, collectively, we can achieve the impossible.

When two or more people come together for the sake of accomplishing a goal, that’s shared ownership. Furthermore, we learned that each of our inspirational BRMs found success by driving shared ownership across their organizations.

If you have a goal in mind, but don’t know how to get others on board, try tapping into the core tenets of shared ownership (as highlighted by BRMs):

Thought Exercise: If five BRMs can achieve massive organizational success while working with shared ownership, what can 7 billion people do?

The Power of Shared Ownership

The beauty of shared ownership is that everyone who shares it either fails or succeeds together.

If a group succeeds, then congratulations! They achieved their goal through shared ownership.

If the group fails, then congratulations as well! Failure breeds learning and growth. Moreover, a shared sense of failure will reignite the passion for a group to innovatively work towards their goal.

Whatever the outcome, the important thing is that a group shares a sense of purpose with their actions. And who drives that sense of shared purpose in an organization? Business relationship managers!

Ultimately, BRMs work towards effectively using the five tenets to create a perfect reflection of shared ownership.

When a BRM holds a sense of shared ownership, the team flourishes.

When the team shares ownership, they inspire other employees.

When every employee shares ownership, the organization flourishes, achieves its purpose, and profits to boot.

When every organization across the globe is full of inspired people working towards a common goal with a sense of shared individual and organizational ownership…

the world is changed.

You Can Inspire the World

If you’re a BRM, then you, alongside every other BRM, believe in the BRM Philosophy. This philosophy unites every single one of us in shared ownership.

Thus, by simply calling yourself a business relationship manager, you are already changing the world.

Next, you can further inspire the world by sharing your purpose openly, passionately, and without reserve.

When a person passionately works towards good, others feed off that positive energy. And that energy spreads. When it spreads, others become inspired to follow their own passions. Then, we become linked by a network of shared ownership which drives innovation, creativity, and connection.


What does it look like when hundreds of people in a room exude shared ownership?


That is what’s so exciting about this truly unique, inspirational conference. The very air at BRMConnect is electric with so much positivity, connectedness, purpose, and shared ownership, it would be nearly impossible to leave without feeling inspired to make a difference.

If you want to make a difference and be an integral part of changing tomorrow’s world for the better, then register for BRMConnect. And join the global community of BRMs already working together with shared ownership.

Ready to Inspire the World?

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