Business Relationship Management: The Knowledge Path to Success

Business Relationship Management: The Road to Results

An Organization-Wide Evolution and an Individual Journey

BRM Discipline comprises of a full set of knowledge that guides both the BRM role and capability to thrive.

Are you ready to start your path to build partnerships, evolve culture, and drive value?

Start your evolution here. Plan your professional development path as you enable your BRM capability.

The path to certification and beyond can either be individual or supported by your organization.

Along the way, you will learn the power of your business relationships; which will allow you to foster communication and idea generation within the various departments of your organization. Ultimately, this will unite your departments under one realized goal and drive higher business results.

BRM as an Individual or Organization

The Business Relationship Management Road to Results consists of two options: the individual and the organization.

First, the individual’s evolution starts with the introduction, then the certification process, and heads towards recognition within their own company and through the global BRM community.

Alternatively, the organization’s evolution filters down through executives. Then, they start their employees down their own individual paths while supporting them with workshops before and after certification. After certification, these workshops will help apply and assess the BRM impact on the enterprise.

Join us now as we take the tour through the BRM Road to Results.

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Business Relationship Management Institute, Inc. Publications

Series NameBook NameSubtitle
Introduction SeriesBusiness Relationship Management: Executive BriefAn Executive's Guide to BRM
Introduction SeriesBusiness Relationship Management: BRM FundamentalsAn Introductory Guide to BRM
Certification SeriesBusiness Relationship Management: BRM ProfessionalThe BRMP Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge
Certification SeriesBusiness Relationship Management: Certified BRMThe CBRM Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge
Application SeriesBusiness Relationship Management: BRM PlaybookLeveraging a BRM Capability to Drive Business Value, Build Strategic Partnerships, and Evolve Enterprise Culture
Application SeriesBusiness Relationship Management: Value FrameworkBecoming a Value-Focused Organization

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