The BRM Competency Model

The BRM Competency Model lists the competencies and traits that can be expected from people who perform the role of a business relationship manager, regardless of their title. This version of the model shows the competencies that BRMs should aspire to.

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Evolve Culture

  • Evolves culture through sharing a purposeful narrative and storytelling
  • Identifies and designs desirable, reinforceable behaviors
  • Cultivates a network of influential relationships
  • Commits to continuous personal growth and learning
  • Understands and effectively applies organizational development techniques

Build Partnerships

  • Understands the organization, politics, influencer(s), energy sources, and culture
  • Builds and nurtures trusting, authentic, and meaningful relationships
  • Leverages, expands, and connects internal and external relationships
  • Understands and effectively applies appropriate interpersonal and interaction techniques

Drive Value

  • Understands the Value Framework and how to utilize it within the organization
  • Discovers opportunities and shapes demand to increase organizational value
  • Realizes results through value-driven decision making and execution
  • Defines, gathers, reports, and analyzes metrics and measurements
  • Communicates and celebrates the accomplishments and learnings

Satisfy Purpose

  • Understands the organization’s industry and environment it operates in
  • Advances the organizational model, strategy, capabilities, and operations
  • Understands and makes use of how decisions and priorities are made
  • Influences strategies based on shifts in the industry and organization
  • Encourages others to demonstrate leadership to satisfy personal and organizational purpose
  • Validates and drives actions that reinforce strategies to satisfy purpose

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What is a Competency Model?

A competency model is a tool used to describe, assess, and develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors generally needed for someone to perform effectively in a given role. Organizations use competency models in many ways. They may use them to help describe the type of competencies they want in candidates they are considering hiring, or they may use them to assess the performance of employees and provide them a framework for future development. Other uses include considering what type and level of ability are needed from someone to effectively perform in a specific level of job function, perform a process, or contribute to a project. It is also useful for an individual to benchmark where they are currently in their career, identify areas of growth, make a plan, and track their progress.

There are two types of content that serve as the building blocks of the BRM Competency Model – competencies and traits:

  • A competency is an identifiable and standardized set of traits an individual needs to effectively perform a specific role – in this case, the BRM role. A competency can be broken down into a set of traits.
  • A trait is an identifiable, measurable quality that a person can improve with effort and perseverance.                                                       

There are three types of traits:

  • Knowledge – These are concepts and facts that an individual gains through experience and/or education.
  • Skills – These are expressed as expertise or abilities to do something well.
  • Mindsets – These are mental attitudes or beliefs that guide and influence how people handle growth and learning situations.

Competency Levels

Every competency has a collection of traits and the BRM Competency Model uses four levels when describing the continuum of every trait – Explorer, Beginner, Practitioner, and Master. The table below defines how an individual operates at each of the levels. 


An individual who has minor exposure to and experience in the BRM role that comprehends how to implement the concepts. Seen as an apprentice, basic, and/or foundational.

Focus |  Comprehends and Understands | Knows How

Knowledge & Expertise | Good organizational and industry acumen; actively participate in initiatives

Complexity of Challenges | Collaborates and Solves Simple Problems

Freedom to Act/Autonomy | Requires Coaching

Scope / Impact / Exposure | Moderate

Triple Bottom Line (3BL) | Shapes and Ensures 3BL

Education / Aspiration | Achieve BRMP


An individual with minimal exposure to and experience in the BRM role, who is aware of the concepts. Seen as an explorer, novice, and/or rookie.

Focus |  Aware of Facts |  Knows

Knowledge & Expertise |  Basic understanding of organizational and industry acumen; listens to initiatives

Complexity of Challenges | Collaborates on Simple Problems

Freedom to Act/Autonomy | Requires Training and Direct Guidance

Scope / Impact / Exposure |  Low

Triple Bottom Line (3BL) | Basic Knowledge 3BL

Education / Aspiration | Take BRM Fundamentals


An individual who has moderate exposure to and experience in the BRM role that applies the concepts. Seen as advanced, intermediate, and/or certified.

Focus |  Applies Concepts | Does

Knowledge & Expertise | Solid organizational and industry acumen; leading initiatives

Complexity of Challenges | Collaborates on Complex Problems

Freedom to Act/Autonomy | Shares Ownership and Leads

Scope / Impact / Exposure | High

Triple Bottom Line (3BL) | Shapes Organization Evolution

Education / Aspiration | Achieve CBRM


An individual who has significant exposure to and experience in the BRM role that applies, influences, and educates others on the concepts. Seen as a master, expert, and/or guru.

Focus |  Influences and Educates | Shows How

Knowledge & Expertise | Solid organizational and industry acumen; shaping initiatives

Complexity of Challenges | Collaborates and Solves Complex Problems

Freedom to Act/Autonomy | Coaches, Shares Ownership, and Leads

Scope / Impact / Exposure | Vital

Triple Bottom Line (3BL) | Drives Inverse Purpose

Education / Aspiration | Achieve MBRM

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