Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®)

The Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®) is a culmination of a BRM career, earned and awarded in recognition from BRM Institute and our single global BRM community. The MBRM signifies the applicant has gained above average BRM knowledge, through personal learning and experiences while making significant contributions/impact to each of the following areas:

  • Your personal purpose
  • Your company(s) purpose
  • Our single global BRM community
  • The BRM Discipline
  • Overall societal impact

BRM Institute identified the need of CEOs and other business leaders to converge business, IT, finance, HR, and other business functions as strategic partners, sharing ownership of business strategy and business results. A BRM capability is the only capability that converges these business functions as teams and promotes a culture of shared ownership through the BRM discipline.


Qualification Criteria

  1. Achieve your Business Relationship Manager Professional (BRMP®) certification
  2. Achieve and maintain your Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM®) certification
  3. Acquire 180 CPDs between Knowledge and Community Involvement (see options below):
    Knowledge Offerings (60 CPDs) BRM Profession /
    Community Involvement (120 CPDs)
    • BRM Fundamentals
    • Value Framework
    • BRMP Course*
    • CBRM Course*


    • Attend or host BRM events
    • Be a storyteller or panelist at BRM Institute events
    • Be a volunteer through our Online Campus Community
    • Attend external and/or SME Knowledge Offerings to develop the BRM profession

  4. Agree to the BRM Code of Ethics
  5. Obtain three (3) BRM Certificate of Experiences from different Knowledge Offerings; note only (2) Certificates of Experiences will be awarded per Knowledge Offering
  6. Submit a Dissertation in the form of a document or presentation, based on one of the following:
  • A reflection of the applicant’s personal experience as a senior-level leader in the application of BRM knowledge.
  • Can either be an extensive case study with lessons learned or a cohesive set of BRMBOK articles that are assembled into a publishable white paper.
  • The material used in the achievement of Certificates of Experience can be repurposed to demonstrate overall impact.
  • A bulleted list of impact to the community and/or discipline.

If you are a Knowledge Provider, we encourage you to apply for your MBRM.  The Certificates of Experience and the dissertation need to highlight the impact you are making to the single, global BRM community and organizations that you are providing training/coaching/consulting for.

Approval Timeline

The approval process may take up to one-three months to validate all of the qualification criteria.


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