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The Master of Business Relationship Management (MBRM®) is a culmination of a BRM career, earned and awarded in recognition from BRM Institute and our single global BRM community. The MBRM signifies the applicant has gained above average BRM knowledge, through personal learning and experiences while making significant contributions/impact to each of the following areas:

  • Your personal purpose
  • Your company(s) purpose
  • Our single global BRM community
  • The BRM Discipline
  • Overall societal impact

Certificate of Experience

BRM Practitioners holding their MBRM:

  • Byrne, Jeremy
  • Fanta, Kip
  • Nichol, Peter

Knowledge Providers holding their MBRM:

  • Byrne, Jeremy
  • Fanta, Kip
  • GP, Suresh
  • Hardy, Gary
  • Jesuthasen, Maureen
  • Lijnse, Peter
  • Rovers, Mart
  • Schrijver, Elka

To apply for the MBRM, please click here.

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