10 Signs of a Daring Leader

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover what makes a good leader. Most people will just Google it and unintentionally spend hours upon hours spiraling down a rabbit hole about daring leadership skills, qualities, and characteristics, only to inevitably end up watching viral cat videos on Instagram or dancing dogs in tutus on TikTok.

Leadership advice and information on the internet is as abundant as the grains of sand on the beach. No matter how much sand you try and put in your pockets, you’ll never be able to take it all. Furthermore, if you hold a pile of sand in your hand, you’ll find it has all the same essence as the sand left under your feet. The internet is the same way.

Bada Bing, Bada Boom

Information is always recycled and reconfigured to fit the time in which people want to build interest. There isn’t any undiscovered, mind-blowing, or unique knowledge about leadership that hasn’t already been discovered, talked about, or pontificated on. It’s the same information we had generations ago—it’s just been polished up and rebranded for today’s narrative. A push here, a tweak there, and voilà, people have fresh, up-to-date lingo that endorses the evolutionary psyche of each new generation’s workforce. We are a species that needs to reinvent ourselves in order to push progress forward.

Big Wheels Keep On Turnin’

Reinventing is progress. Sure, we don’t want to re-invent the wheel; however, we do like to spruce it up from time to time. A fresh perspective is worth investing in because there are always multiple ways to see something and apply value. Learning occurs when different perspectives or knowledge are shared with many. Daring leadership is no different; you just have to know where to look!

Take the Bull by the Horns

It doesn’t take much effort to recognize the overt qualities of a darling leader. Society tends to flock to people who exude confidence and garner credibility. We look to people who aren’t afraid to take the bull by the horns and lead us in the direction of progress. It is the strong, confident, intelligent, and compassionate leaders who rise to the surface through adversity and growth.

Nevertheless, there is so much more to being a leader than having the audacity and strength to tame a bull or rise to the top. As a matter of fact, it’s the subtle qualities of a leader that you may or may not see that indicates they are a daring leader.

Fortunately, we here at the BRM Institute love acronyms. So, to have some fun and build upon the qualities of a daring leader, how about making LEADERSHIP into an acronym for the 10 signs of a daring leader?

hover over each to view the attributes →

Here We Go—

a Daring Leader Is …



Actively Listening








Daring leadership isn’t new, and it isn’t something only the C-suite executives in an organization can possess. The capability of daring leadership exists within each and every person. The ability to recognize and utilize daring leadership is what makes it elusive to some and palpable in others.

Why, Oh Why?

It is why BRM Institute puts out the content it does. It’s why we create an environment of unity, vision, purpose, and why we are a relationship-centered organization. For us, it’s about building meaningful relationships, supporting an inclusive community, and recognizing the daring leader in each and every person. If you want to know more about daring leadership and business relationship management, look us up!

Who Are We?

BRM Institute is the facilitator of the largest single, global BRM community. This year, the BRM community is turning 10 years old! To commemorate this phenomenal milestone, we are looking for the 10,000th BRMP®. The 10,000th BRMP will receive a 1-year membership to BRM Institute, one ticket to the 2023 BRMConnect conference, and 1 paperback copy of BRM Explained: The Collected Works.

Who’s going to be the 10,000 BRMP? It could be you!

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