Who Will Be the 10,000th BRMP®?

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BRM Institute is on the look out for the 10,000th BRMP®!

That’s right, over the past ten years, almost 10,000 BRMP®s have become credentialed and are driving change in organizations around the globe—and BRM Institute is waiting to see who will become the 10,000th BRMP®.

The BRMP® is a highly sought-after credential by hiring managers around the globe. It signifies a thorough knowledge of connecting relationships to results, and the mastery of fundamental concepts and skills necessary to prepare for your future as a valued partner within your organization.

BRM Institute wants to celebrate and honor our BRMP®s by offering the 10,000th professional who becomes certified with:

  • One year membership to the BRM Institute

  • One ticket to BRMConnect 2023 

  • One copy of the book, BRM Explained: The Collected Works

Expand your understanding of the positive effects of creating a relationship-centered organization and register for the course today!


Who knows…YOU might be the 10,000th BRMP®!

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