Intellectual Property Use Policy

Intellectual Property Use Policy

Business Relationship Management Institute, Inc. (“BRM Institute”) (“Company”) has a compelling interest in ensuring that its name, branding and content are properly used, and that Company receives proper credit and compensation for the use of intellectual property developed by Company. This policy addresses any intellectual property acquired by, developed by, or provided by Company to any staff, employee, contractor, volunteer or other party that uses BRM Institute intellectual property for educational, promotion, or other purposes.


The BRM Institute Board of Directors is responsible for interpreting and enforcing this policy. The Company CEO is responsible for executing and enforcing this policy and is responsible for resolving questions and disputes concerning this policy. Company may, at its option, make exceptions to this policy. Significant high-risk exceptions will be noticed to the Board of Directors and will be express exceptions, in writing, approved by the Company CEO.

Authorized use. Use of the BRM Institute name, logo, content, or other intellectual property will be granted by the Company. Any use of Company intellectual property that is not authorized with written permission or license will constitute a violation of Company’s rights and an infringement on Company’s intellectual property ownership rights. When sharing of content is authorized, full source attribution is required that includes the BRM Institute name. Use of the Company name may be used in external, non-Company communications to describe the products and services offered by the Company. The Company name and logo may not be used in marketing or promotional materials without prior permission from Company.

Member individual or company use

Each individual or company that is a member of BRM Institute may use the company name, logo and authorized materials for the individual’s or company’s own purposes. The member individual or company may not provide copies to others, or otherwise use Company materials or branding unless otherwise authorized by the Company CEO.

Training and education providers

Individuals, entities or companies that provide contracted training, education or other services on behalf of BRM Institute may use the Company name, logo and promotional materials as directed by Company and with Company’s prior permission. Upon completion of the training, education or contract to provide such services, the individual or entity using Company’s intellectual property shall cease such use unless otherwise agreed by Company.


Any content, document, video, syllabus, or other material developed in writing, art, media or other copyrightable material that is developed by or on behalf of BRM Institute is the property of the Company. Any copyrightable work created within the scope of performing services for Company or providing services to Company are considered to be work made for hire under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 (17 USC 101) and BRM Institute shall be deemed the author and shall own the Copyright.

Non-exclusive use

Any temporary or ongoing use of any materials that is granted by the Company are considered a temporary, not perpetual, and non-exclusive license to use materials for a specified purpose and for a specified period of time. Any creator of materials or content for or on behalf of company grants to company a paid-up, royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable right for the full term of the copyright, for the company to use, modify, distribute, display, update, revise, create derivative works, and any other similar use for Company’s benefit.


Software is any computer program, code, routine, subroutine, system or digital expression, together with any user manuals or other explanatory materials. Software that is developed under contract for or on behalf of the Company, with or without direct or indirect financial support, shall be the property of BRM Institute unless other usage or property right is specifically granted by the Company.

Software Ownership

The Company shall own all patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights in sponsored computer software. Where Company determines that software that is produced will not be considered an invention or patentable by Company, the software will remain the exclusive property of the Company.

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