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Peter Lijnse is a true thought leader. 

If you missed his insightful presentation at BRMConnect 2019, BRM in 2030 and Beyond, he didn’t give us certainties. He didn’t give us predictions about the future. He gave us something better. 

Peter gave us questions and ideas to consider NOW to prepare ourselves for a vastly different and complex future.


“The future is not given to people. The future is made. And the future is made through the community.”

– Peter Lijnse, experienced Business Relationship Management (BRM) leadership coach, speaker and facilitator.


Our biggest challenge as BRMs, and also our biggest opportunity, is managing complexity. It starts by avoiding processes and questioning our habits. The moment something becomes part of a process for us, then we stop being challenged. Thus, by passing ownership of those routine behaviors to somebody else, two things happen:

  1. We free mental space for ourselves to pursue new complexities and areas for innovation.
  2. We bring in different perspective to the habits we formed for the new owner to iterate and improve upon our work.

Three Key Takeaways

Adopt a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset, to drive organizational behavior.

We are a product of our habits. And our habits limit our mindset and growth. Constantly challenge yourself and your organization to improve upon your current habits. Start by asking yourself, “Why am I doing this? And how can this habit be improved?” 

“In the next ten years, we will need to know how to build better relationships with technology.”

Technology isn’t going anywhere. In fact, by 2030, it will fundamentally shape the way our world operates via Industry 5.0. Thus, not only will we need to know how to communicate with Humans, but we will need to build compassionate relationships with technology.  

The pendulum is swinging from We to Me

Western society exhibits a pattern that swings back and forth between focusing on individual achievement (Me) and making change as a community (We). In 20 years, the pendulum will swing from our current We state to a future Me state. How do we implement changes NOW to get ahead of this trend?

Me: I came. I saw. I conquered.

We: I came. I saw. I concurred.

Peter determined that today’s BRMs are tomorrow’s future leaders, and that BRM may very well go by a different name in the future: Leadership. If you’d like to prepare yourself as a future leader, register now for BRMConnect 2020 Boston or Amsterdam

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