Zoom Into Knowledge: E-Learning for BRMs

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Business professionals have been leveraging e-learning for years, long before the global shift necessitated by the pandemic.

E-learning and Self-Paced learning options offer an invaluable tool for ongoing professional development, enabling professionals to stay current on industry trends, acquire new skills and achieve impactful certifications without the common disruptions that can come with training- like travel or work schedule disruption.

Additionally, the interactive and multimedia-rich nature of modern e-learning platforms enhances engagement and retention, ensuring that employees can apply what they learn more effectively. This continuous access to high-quality training and development resources helps businesses maintain a competitive edge and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

An exciting expansion to the BRM learning roster now includes the Level Up Your BRMP Knowledge Self-Paced. This comprehensive program is designed to deepen your understanding of the current BRM Body of Knowledge content and enhance your professional development skills at your own pace!


For individuals who hold Legacy BRMP® credentials (BRMPs awarded before 2021) the Level Up course will be required before taking the newly Evolved CBRM.

In addition to this, a newly released BRM Fundamentals Self-Paced course is now available in both English AND Spanish! This ensures that more learners can access this essential learning, breaking down language barriers and allowing students to learn at their own pace and in their native language!

For professionals seeking additional Self-Paced learning options, including BRMP and CBRM certifications, see the full list of E-Learning opportunities.


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