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You’ve been in the BRM role in your organization for a couple of years. You are looking to advance your business relationship management capabilities and develop a deeper understanding of the business relationship management discipline and competencies.

At the same time, you hear faint whispers that the decision makers in your organization are quantifying positions and deciding what roles they will maintain and which ones they will eliminate. The decision makers will be considering the value each role brings to the organization. You’re good at business relationship management, you’re seeing a lot of progress within your organization, and yet, you recognize there is space to grow your talent and expand your knowledge.

You know your role in the organization is invaluable, but how do you influence the decision makers that your role is all about adding value to the organization?

Take Purposeful Action

Now is a good time to earn your BRMP certification and confirm to your organization’s decision makers the immense value of the BRM role. When you take the initiative in your professional development and earn the BRMP certification, it validates the commitment you have to the business relationship management discipline and to your organization.

Business Relationship Management is the most impactful career you will ever have. Need convincing? 

Below are 10 key points to why you should become a certified BRMP. ⇓⇓⇓

10 Valuable Takes on the BRMP Certification


The BRMP certification introduces strategic tools that you can use to advance your BRM capabilities.

2. Credibility

BRMP® certification lends credibility to you as a leader in business relationship management.

3. Understanding

The BRMP certification gives you the opportunity to establish a deeper understanding of the BRM role, philosophy, discipline, and capability.

4. Value

Earning the BRMP certification potentially raises your value in your organization and industry. You are seen as a knowledgeable contributor and leader.

5. Increased Income

BRMP certification may lead to higher income. Data reveals that certification leads to higher incomes.*

6. Skills

BRMP certification lays the foundation in developing transferable skills across all functions and all industries.

7. Relationships

Relationship focused, purpose driven people certified in the BRMP gain the essential knowledge to understand and foster meaningful relationships.

8. Influence

Practiced BRMPs develop the skills to influence and empower decision makers with actionable information.

9. Convergence 

BRMPs learn to converge investments and actions with organizational goals and needs.

10. Results

Thriving certified BRMs understand the value in connecting relationships to results.

Did You Know?

The single, global BRM community has almost 10,000 registered BRMPs in the world.

BRM Institute is celebrating this milestone by showering the 10,000th certified BRMP with prizes!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Register for the BRMP certification today.

Who knows, YOU might just be the world’s 10,000th BRMP!

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