Trust, the Invisible Thread

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Leadership starts with trust.

Trust is the foundation for great team effectiveness, but it cannot be dictated, it must grow organically. The most respected leaders are often the ones who are most receptive to this thinking. They build a culture of open dialogue where feedback is a two-way street.

A quiet revolution is unfolding….it is not about bottom lines, market shares, or the next great tech innovation.

It is about trust.

Trust is the cornerstone of effective leadership.

For too long, the mantra of management has been centered around feedback mechanics: the sandwich method or some other ridiculous notion about how and when to give feedback. This thinking misses a fundamental piece of the puzzle. Before feedback is effective….we must build the most critical skill: TRUST.

Trust is an invisible thread, binding teams together to evolve them from groups of people into cohesive units capable of achieving remarkable things.

It is the difference between learning to accept feedback given from a place of growth…. to telling someone how they should have done something wrong and inviting pushback or not listening.

But how do we cultivate this type of trust?

The answer lies in vulnerability- specifically a leader’s willingness to receive feedback as openly as they give it. And it does not stop there.

They must be willing to respond and act on it. 


Feedback is a two-way street. The leaders we admire and the leaders who inspire us to do something different aren’t just figures of authority; they are individuals who show us they value people’s opinions. They are not above criticism, and they teach by example which is the true meaning of leadership.

Let’s inspire change and challenge the norms while empowering leaders to create a culture of trust and mutual respect in their organizations. This is not a fad. It is a movement toward more humane, effective, and evolutionary leadership. A movement where feedback is grounded in trust becomes a powerful tool for growth and innovation.

Who is with me?

To lead is not just to direct, but to inspire, listen and build the kind of trust that turns visions into reality.


Are you ready to lead the charge?

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About the Author

Loren Sanders

Loren Sanders, MBA, PHR, SCP, CPM, CPTM is a Keynote speaker, Leadership coach and author. Loren is the co –founder of Roxlo Consulting group which is an organization, focused on developing leaders in both the public and private sector. She is the author of Empathy is Not a Weakness and Other Stories from the Edge published in Jan 2023.  Loren is a regular speaker at local HR organizations, educational institutions, outplacement organizations, Professional Organizations, and The Midwest Claim Conference and Training Industry. She also writes for the Training Industry blog.

She has two HR Designations and is a Certified Project Manager and has certification in Corporate Culture Training, Leadership Development and DiSC and Talent Selection. She is also a Six Sigma Greenbelt. 

Loren will offer her expertise in her powerful Keynote session at the 2024 World BRMConnect Conference this October! Come see her present live.



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