How Educational Events Benefit You and Your Professional Development

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When contemplating the spending of resources, a wise individual should ask themselves if it is a valid expense at the very least, or an investment to be returned in the future. 

The same is true when weighing the financial cost of educational events or professional development events

Additionally, you’re asking yourself, “What will I get out of this event? How will it benefit me?” 

In just 5 years, 75% of the workforce will be composed of people who champion organizational purpose, technological evolution, and social awareness as their top priorities. BRMConnect is THE place for relationship driven innovation. As shown in year-over-year reporting, BRMs don’t just stay in their roles, they advance them. In a landscape of increased turnover and job dissatisfaction, come see why BRMs help build loyalty and stability in every organization.

Attending a Conference Has Never Been So Impactful

We’ve compiled a brief overview of just how much you, your organization, and the single, global community can benefit from educational events such as BRMConnect 2020

Practical tools, training, and knowledge offerings

Equipped with actionable knowledge and practical tools, you’re able to apply what you’ve learned at a faster rate leading to increased value, expanded career opportunities, and higher compensation.

You can expect to come away with tactical knowledge such as:

  • Value plans to drive strategy, business value potential, business value realization, and
  • communicate results.
  • Metrics to measure and communicate business value results.
  • Different assessments to further your personal and professional development.
  • Idea Documents and the platforms that house them.
  • The ideation process flow and why ideation is chaos, rather than a process, idea documents, or value plans.
  • The full end-to-end value management process to gain the greatest indicator of BRM success: the ability to articulate the business value coming from your relationships.

Networking and community-building made easy and accessible

When you can network with ease in a culture built around fostering relationships, exponential and accelerated growth is made possible for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Storytellers & Leadership Opportunities

  • Attendees will gain applicable knowledge and insights from global industry leaders to better their personal and professional lives.
  • Storytellers will have the opportunity to lead, mentor, and shape the leaders of tomorrow; to make an impact on individual lives and the world-at-large. 

Global impact

According to a 2017 study commissioned by The Events Industry Council, what they classified as “business events” generated more than $1.07 trillion in direct spending, supported 10.3 million direct jobs globally, and generated $621.4 billion of direct GDP. 

Use Case

At the 2019 World BRMConnect conference, Marshall Berkin, VP of Customer Relationship and Solutions Management with TELUS, shared their journey to BRM and its impact on their organization. TELUS shared the following tangible value their organization has seen since advancing BRM methodologies being taught at BRMConnect events: 

  • $14.6 million in incremental gross margin
  • 23 percentage point increase in customer satisfaction
  • 5 times the product diversity mix

Your CEO Needs You Here

We know how difficult it is to get corporate backing in order to attend a conference. Use our Business Case and our customizable BRMConnect Justification Letter to justify your attendance. If you require any additional information or support, please do not hesitate to reach our events team!

What are you waiting for? 

Unspent budget money is commonly lost or overlooked toward the end of every year and can end up as the perfect candidate for next year’s cuts. Don’t allow your budget to disappear!

The World BRMConnect conference is the opportunity of a lifetime, both personally and professionally! Register now for BRMConnect 2020 Boston or Amsterdam and get pre-early bird discount for a savings of up to $800

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