The Enhanced BRM Institute Mission & Value Statement

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Mission & Value Statement

With the last few years bringing on different and exciting challenges, we are excited to announce our enhanced BRM Institute Mission & Value Statement.

The statement itself is simple, yet powerful in its execution.

Our Mission

Anchor Business Relationship Management (BRM) in every organization as a fundamental necessity.

Our Purpose

To improve ourselves, our organizations, and our world by connecting relationships to results.

We believe there is limitless organizational energy derived from a culture of great relationships – we believe that people should not compromise personal purpose to earn a living and can find organizations with a shared, deeper, and more meaningful perception of value – we believe that such organizations are relationship-centered and can be better, faster, more fun and more fulfilling to work with. We know an advanced Business Relationship Management Capability (BRM) brings all this to life by unlocking an organizaton’s ability to thrive and bring about meaningful, lasting change.

Providing world-class professional membership and development programs, BRM Institute helps organizations grow their BRM capability to drive business strategy, strengthen cross-functional collaboration, and champion a culture of creativity, innovation and shared ownership across the enterprise. This transformation results in holistic and innovative strategies created to deliver their intended business value results.

Be Human

We love the single global BRM community. We know that it’s the relationships that bring our work to life. We value our humanity. We speak like humans and strive for simplicity. We put people before business. And we accept the humanness of those around us. We celebrate diversity and we celebrate failure; both are opportunities for growth. We own our mistakes and learn from them. We strive to be honest, humane, compassionate, caring, and humble. We challenge ourselves to be inspired, excited, and delighted.

Trust emotion. Trust intuition.

Kick Ass

Be awesome. We strive for greatness, success, and the emotional reward that purpose-driven work brings. When we share our knowledge and experiences as a team, we learn from one another and reaffirm our ability to accomplish great things. As individuals, we reserve the right to get smarter every day, proactively seeking new knowledge and competencies, we strive to grow and learn from our experiences and others on our team.

We support and encourage one another in success and failure. We set ambitious goals and high expectations for one another; all while remaining appreciative, grateful, and supportive. Kicking ass requires open lines of communication and honesty — honestly evaluating the situation, assessing what’s needed to be successful, and asking for the resources needed to accomplish it. We realize that kicking ass is more difficult than simply getting the job done…

Kicking Ass is the difference between simply having a job and doing something great with your life.

Evaluate often. Realign & redirect as necessary. Do work that supports your purpose & makes you proud.

Innovate or Die

We do more than just reward creativity; we encourage and inspire creativity at every level! Conventional solutions are simply well-worn paths with a history of success. We believe it’s important to understand this history and to question whether these solutions are always best for us. Creativity is the foundation of empowerment. When we’re empowered, we take chances on innovations that we believe in. We’re proud of our innovations. They fuel new growth channels and solutions. We want to share our solutions with others so that they might grow into the conventional solutions of tomorrow.

Create change. Expect change. Accept change.

Learn Forever

We embrace change, support creativity, and drive forward-thinking lest we become irrelevant. Falling in love with the problem, not the solution. Dig to find the root of a problem, then dig deeper. Don’t be afraid to fail or be wrong, embrace learning from mistakes to empower growth and continue learning forever. Create change, expect change and accept change. 


Play, as a Team

We believe that collaborating and working as a team will allow us to accomplish more, faster, and with better results than chipping away individually. There is power in a singular vision, but we believe that when you share your knowledge, efforts, and work, you will usually get back more than you give out. At a minimum, you will enrich the lives of the those who benefit from your efforts. When given the opportunity, we will opt for openness and shared ownership of both strategy & results

Great leaders create great leaders in everyone around them.

Satisfy Purpose. Live in gratitude.


As individuals, we support our teams and this association. As part of a team, we partner with our global BRM community who rely on our products and services to drive their accomplishments. We strive to create solutions by understanding the needs and challenges of our community, our team, and our association. Be self-aware and understand our own need to improve ourselves, growth begins within. We think of our members first, but don’t lessen the importance of our employees.

When our beliefs, purpose, and vision turn into action- The Triple Bottom Line

As organizations decide how they will individually make a meaningful difference in the world, we like to think of that within the Triple Bottom Line of people, purpose, planet:

  • Organizations exist to benefit not only shareholders but their employees, the communities where they reside, and the customers they partner with, and are measured on their meaningful positive impact on the people of our world
  • Organizations have advanced BRM to unleash the passionate purpose of individuals unlocking infinite value potential that builds enduring organizational strength
  • The relationships between individuals and within organizations facilitates the planet’s return to a healthy balance with a promising outlook for its future

Imagine the future of your organization…

When you unlock the infinite value potential that a BRM capability holds. Lead your organization into the future. Join professionals from around the globe for the World BRMConnect 2023 and gain access to critical BRM tools, resources, and knowledge to advance your BRM role and prepare your organization for the relationship-centered future of business.

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